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Tiptab app review: simply perfect



So many tip and gratuity calculating programs cram too many graphics and screens into their apps.  These are ultimately distracting and sometimes make reading the information difficult.  Add to that the endless steps, bugs and update fails, as well as repetitive steps for each person in your party and you no longer want to use it or have it on your device.  Tiptab dispenses of all the unnecessary junk – straight up clean lines, clear reading and simple steps make it simply perfect.

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Keeping it Clean

Mimicking the sleek minimalistic feel of your apple device, Tiptab app seems to have been made with this feature in mind.  The easy to read, un-cluttered, straight to the fact screens leave little room for error or confusion.  The Tiptab app comes with the basics already ready to go – information like the most popular tip percentages installed as well as simple and easy entry. Tiptab can handle the same types of check splitting, calculating and critical information that all the other calculating apps include.  Things like when the bill is split, the tax percentage, tip and total are already set up for use.  No extra steps needed – easy and direct.

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Complimentary Functions

In keeping with the ease of access that all apple products are known for, one or two movements on your part are all that it takes to keep the Tiptab app humming. For instance, splitting the check takes a simple slide function and uses it to split the check perfectly with just a swipe.  Made some critical input errors?  Simply shake your device and watch it reset itself in seconds.  The automatic portrait to landscape function has been recently updated to have your device adjust the orientation with a turn of the device. 

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Accent colors are available to customize the pages to make print and numbers more visible to you as well as easier to read.  One other option for those with sight difficulties, notification tones are available to turn on with unique noises to alert to different actions.  The tiptab app also comes with an automated feature that automatically sends a copy of the charges and totals, to whoever you choose, via email and/or SMS.  



Pros and Cons


  • Elegant and simple
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Most aspects already loaded on app
  • Easy bill splitting
  • Clutter free


  • Only available to apple devices with iOS 8.2 or later

The Classy Calculator

Defining the tiptab’s finest attributes, you would have to include how simple it is, how clean lined and minimalistic it is.  No unnecessary aspects – yet user friendly in every way.  In the low light of a restaurant, the tiptab remains easily read and seen.  One of the favorite features is the emailing of the bill and payments via email or SMS.  This is a wonderful feature for someone who has turned receipts into the company or is just looking to keep atop personal finance.  When it comes to a tip calculator – if you want neat and easy, tiptab is definitely the app for you.



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