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TransferWise Money Transfer app review: say bye-bye to banks 2021



Transfer Wise app is on a mission to cut banks out of the money transfer business for good. The money transfer app promises convenience, fees 90% lower than your bank, speedy transfers, and the lowest rates around.

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The app for transferring money incorporates high security with easy-to-follow steps so that you can get your money to its destination abroad with no hassles or surprises. Keep reading our review to see if it's one of the best money transfer apps for the iOS.



Safe Without Surprises

The app is set up to securely send money from the United States using the ACH bank debit to 24 different countries outside the U.S.

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For people wishing to transfer money from Europe, they would use their debit card and be able to send money from 14 different countries including Great Britain, Germany, and France. This is an easy way for ex-pats, foreign students, and businesses to send money from wherever they happen to be.

The app works on iPhone and iPad and transfers can happen 24/7 at your convenience. This is guaranteed to be the fastest, simplest and most convenient way to transfer money from country to country.

The exchange rate of the day is the rate you get, with no additions or subtractions. No surprise fees are added to your transfer and you will receive notification when the transfer is complete.

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Moving Money Made Simple

Have a bank overseas you need to transfer to? Not a problem. Need to pay a bill in a foreign country? No sweat. How about a mortgage or loan? It can be done as easy as you pay it in your home country.

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With the TransferWise Money Transfer, sending money is as easy as logging on, entering the amounts, enter password/security information, and off it goes. When your money arrives at its destination you will be notified that it arrived.

The convenience of working from your device alone is worth it, especially if you have regular dealings overseas. Add to that the low fees, the speed, and the avoidance of dealing with your bank, and you have the best, easiest, way to send money.

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Pros and Cons


  • No bank fees
  • Fast transfers
  • Notification of arrival
  • Lowest rates
  • No additional fees
  • No inflated exchange rates
  • Use the app wherever you are at
  • Send anytime
  • Very high-security


  • Security information you enter can be tedious
  • Available in French and English only
  • Limited countries to send to
  • Personal Bank information required 

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Bank Money Transfers Be Gone

Using the TransferWise app truly makes the use of banks or other wire transfer methods a thing of the past. Now there's no more trudging to the bank to make a complicated, expensive and slow transfer to the other side of the world.

You can sit in your boxers in Montana and transfer money to pay a bill in Bavaria; it's faster, more secure, simple, and super convenient. Part of the appeal is saving on fees and time; one of which no one wants and one of which there is never enough.

Today’s banks are scrambling to try to redeem their reputations as more and more people are looking for other options to take care of business and more and more are going mobile. 

TransferWise is right at the forefront of mobile technology and can more than take care of your out-of-country monetary needs. TransferWise is your Money Transfer answer.


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