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WorldRemit app review: affordable transfers 2021



WorldRemit money transfer app started with a college student in Britain who walked miles and paid outrageous fees to send meager earnings home to his family in Africa.

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He was so disheartened by the charges that he vowed to change that, and he did. Enter, WorldRemit money sending app.

With safe, fast, affordable transfers all over the world, it is one of the largest transfer companies available and it's very easy to send money with this app.

The plan was to keep it simple, keep it convenient, and keep the price down. WorldRemit’s app does all three. Let's see if it's one of the best apps for sending money

WorldRemit Money Transfer


Money Transfers Done Right

Once you have downloaded the WorldRemit App, sending money is a snap. First you select a country and how much you want to send. Second, you fill in the recipients information (name, address and bank information if being transferred to a bank). 

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Third, send the money. It is that simple. All the fees are low and upfront as well as guaranteed exchange rates. There are no games: all the cards are on the table when you make your transfer.

Regular bank transfers take two to three days minimum where WorldRemit makes the exact same transactions in under three hours. They use only secure money services worldwide to all who agree to WorldRemit’s terms of service (like no added fees).

Companies like Barclay Pingit, Sofort, and Ideal all use encryption as well as privacy and payment securities that are the best; in fact, once you begin a transaction on WorldRemit, Norton Technology only allows your device and WorldRemit to communicate and everything else is blocked.  

Money Transfers Done Right image

Most Excellent App Features

The app is customizable to meet your specific needs. If you have a destination that you send money to regularly, you can set reminders for yourself. A lot of apps won’t allow you to change your password, but this app does, which is actually safer.

Notifications for you and the receiving party are generated upon sending and the receipt of the funds via SMS or email. As for where the funds are deposited, that is up to you.

You have the option of making a bank deposit, having the person pick up cash, Mobile Money, or even upload Airtime top-up for mobile devices. You are allowed to pay directly from your bank account or by debit or credit card. 

Easy, smooth transactions are what WorldRemit is all about. With the ability to transfer money anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you never worry about closing times.

With more than 50 countries eligible for you to send money from and over 120 destinations available, you should have no problem making your transfer happen. WorldRemit App is not a fly-by-night company but one backed by corporations that believe in the need for transfers at an affordable price.  

Most Excellent App Features image

WorldRemit Money Transfer


Pros and Cons


  • Serious speed and security
  • Low fees and guaranteed exchange rates
  • For iOS 6 or later, iPhone, iPad and iPod 
  • Fast, simple app


  • World daily limits may apply
  • U.S. Customer Service deplorable, all others no issues

Pros and Cons image

Cream of the Crop

With easy access, secure and private transactions are simple with WorldRemit. They have remained committed to keeping down costs and through their app have made transferring money available, anytime, 24/7, worldwide.

WorldRemit’s app has set the bar quite high and it is doubtful another could come close to matching its total package. This is a tough act for all other money transfer apps to follow.

WorldRemit Money Transfer

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