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Fieldrunners 2 app review: an intense tower defense game with impressive graphics



Fieldrunners 2 is an action-packed tower defense that promises to give you hours of intense battle scenes. Your main objective is to decimate hordes of attacking little soldiers by placing deadly towers in strategic places around your base. It also allows you to use extra weapons outside of your defensive towers to prevent the enemies from overrunning your base. Developed by Subatomic Studios, this game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Fieldrunners 2


Saving the World Can Be Tricky with Fieldrunners 2

Right from the start, Fieldrunners 2 will take you into a maelstrom of death and destruction as enemy shock troops will try to overrun and destroy your world. There is no easy way out of this situation except to put up an excellent defense by building firestorm towers and plasma guns.

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Fieldrunners 2 pretty much retained all the essential elements of the original game. It is still a classic tower defense game and the storyline is intact. You have to defend and save your world from marauding infantry soldiers, mechanized shock troops, and armored divisions.

The game can become very hectic and intense after just a few minutes as enemy soldiers swarm through your territories like ants running after a prey. Fortunately, game controls are easy and intuitive: drag and drop towers to where you want them to be; tap a tower to upgrade; tap a power-up to unleash your own brand of destruction.

To enjoy a few breathing moments, you can use your limited power-ups such as turning back the time for three turns or carpet-bombing the attackers with firebombs. The field will be cleared temporarily which gives you some precious seconds to fortify your positions.

Indeed, Fieldrunners 2 is every bit a monster game at par with some of the best tower defense games out there. It is mayhem personified so you better suit up and unleash your strategic skills to defeat a determined army.

Best Features of Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2 offers impressive Retina-compatible graphics with beautiful artwork and gorgeous attention to detail. The display is crisp, clear, and lavishly designed. It also offers great soundtrack with realistic sound effects.

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This game offers tons of challenging levels spread over different game modes including Sudden Death, Time Trial, and Puzzle Maze. This version offers three new maps and custom music track for each level.

One of the best improvements to the game is the enhanced artificial intelligence. The attacking soldiers have become more intelligent. They know how to space out, they can avoid your traps, and they can detect the weakest points of your defense.

And lastly, the game offers 20 new upgradable super-weapons. It allows you to use airstrikes, firebombing, mine attacks, and many more.

Fieldrunners 2


Pros and Cons


  • Impressive graphics and soundtrack
  • Offers challenging levels
  • Loads of new sophisticated weapons
  • Offers three game modes
  • With improved artificial intelligence
  • Shock troops can spring surprise attacks
  • Offers easy-to-use controls


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

Fieldrunners 2 is a well-made and professionally designed tower defense game. It offers hours of intense and exciting actions, battle scenes, and strategic thinking. If you love playing tower defense, then this is a must-have game for you.


Fieldrunners 2

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