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Operation Math app review: save the world by answering math problems



Operation Math offers a sizzling combination of spy-vs-spy and math games. The game takes you to the world of Agent Prime who must save the world from the evil plans of Dr. Odd. To defeat the evil doctor, the dashing agent must answer math questions. This is a fun game that makes math more enjoyable and exciting. Developed by Spinlight Studio, the app works on your iPad and it requires iOS 6.0 and later versions.

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Operation Math


Become the Master Spy Who Solves Math Problems

Teaching math to children can be a real pain. The drudgery of solving math equations and problems usually turns off most children. What if you can make math more enjoyable by turning it into a spy-vs-spy game?

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With Operation Math, this is a now a reality. The app combines the excitement of a spy game with solving math problems. It is reminiscent of the popular DOS spy games but with more engaging graphics and fun narration.

The game lets you assume the character of Agent Prime, the dashing spy who is also a math whiz. His enemy is Dr. Odd, an evil character who threatens to destroy the Even World.

You have to hunt Dr. Odd across the world and open different doors to uncover his hideout. But before you can open a door, you must answer the math problem pasted on the door. You can input the answer on your spy watch. If you get the correct answer, the door opens but another obstacle will bar your way. Just keep on answering the problems until you complete your mission.

Your mission depends on your skill level. You start with mission-addition then progress to subtraction, multiplication, and division. More advanced levels involve solving binomial equations.

Best Features of Operation Math

Operation Math offers an exciting storyline that children will love. It offers 105 missions across different levels and difficulties. The app allows you to choose a difficulty mode.

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This app offers impressive user interface that looks like a page from graphic novels. There is a comics-like quality to the game with action packed drawings and illustrations. Each mission takes place in a different country with photos and narration.

Operation Math allows you to create up to three spy characters. You can customize the look of your spy by using different suits and watches. The app rewards you with new wardrobe and watches for every successfully completed mission.

There is a training mission mode for novice players. If your child is not yet ready to embark on a real mission, you can let him play the leisurely training mode.

And lastly, Operation Math offers extra features to help players master their math equations. It offers math table reference guide, basic quizzes, and test preparations.

Operation Math


Pros and Cons


  • Offers fun and engaging math game
  • A compelling story line
  • Offers impressive graphics and effects
  • Professional narration
  • Offers rewards and achievements
  • Allows you to create three spy profiles


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

Operation Math takes math games to a new and higher level. It combines the exciting format of spy-vs-spy with solving math equations. It offers an exciting storyline set in an enjoyable gaming interface. This is a highly recommended app for grade school children.


Operation Math

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