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10monkeys Multiplication app review: exciting multiplication tables game for children



10monkeys Multiplication is a math game that focuses on sharpening your multiplication skills. It offers an arcade environment featuring Bo, the chief monkey, and his 10 trapped friends. Your objective is to help Bo free his friends by answering multiplication questions that appear on screen. It offers 10 levels representing the times table from 2 to 10 and one mixed multiplication game.  Developed by 10monkeys.Com, this game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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10monkeys Multiplication


Sharpen Your Multiplication Skills to Save the Monkeys

10monkeys.Com is a global game studio that produces cutting-edge gaming software and educational tools. The 10monkeys Multiplication app is its first venture in mobile gaming design.

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Right off the bat, you will notice that 10Monkeys Multiplication is a professionally designed game. It offers awe-inspiring graphics, smooth gameplay, and a thoroughly engaging soundtrack and effects. It uses the arcade format to help children master their multiplication tables.

The game offers a simple storyline: Bo is alone in the jungle because 10 of his friends are trapped inside sacks, cages, and boxes. You have to help Bo free his monkey friends by answering multiplication problems.

Your goal is to complete the multiplication table from two to 10 and one mixed level. Just select a level and tap play to start the game. A multiplication problem will be displayed at the top. Then, green bubbles with the answer will appear on screen. You have to tap the correct bubble in the fastest time possible to beat the timer.

You will lose a life if you tap the incorrect answer. If you fail to answer the question, the bubbles will disappear and you will also lose a life. You will be able to free a monkey after successfully answering all 10 questions from your chosen times table.

Best Features of 10monkeys Multiplication

10monkeys Multiplication offers cutting-edge graphics at par with the top arcade games in the market. It uses 3D rendering to create a beautiful gaming environment. Gameplay is smooth and responsive. It also uses impressive sound effects to enhance the realism of the game.

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The game offers 10 levels representing the multiplication table from two to 10. There is one mixed level where you get to answer random multiplication problem.

There are two game styles available for you. You can play the easy mode where the green bubbles are stationary. The difficult mode features falling and bouncing bubbles. You have to catch the correct answer in time before the bubbles disappear from the screen.

And lastly, the app offers a global leaderboard to motivate children to continue playing even after freeing all the monkeys. In the leaderboard, the player can compete against other children from around the world.

10monkeys Multiplication


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive graphics and sound effects
  • Intuitive design and layout
  • Offers 10 mini-games
  • Allows players to compete in the leaderboard
  • Tested safe for children


  • It would be nice to have an untimed mode for leisurely play

Final Thoughts

10monkeys Multiplication offers a highly engaging game that motivates children to master their multiplication tables. It offers impressive graphics and exciting gameplay. It is recommended for children who need to practice their times tables.


10monkeys Multiplication

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