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Data Counter app review: offering an accurate mobile data monitor



Data Counter is an iPhone data manager tool that works with all carriers anywhere in the world. It collects usage data derived directly from your device to give you accurate and real-time information. It supports a wide range of monitoring schedules and plans with customizable alerts and notifications. Developed by Slybees, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Data Counter - Universal Data Usage Monitor


Preventing Overage Charges with Data Counter

Telecom companies normally charge overage fees when subscribers use extra minutes beyond their allotted data plan; in fact, there are real horror stories of people paying thousands of dollars in overage fees. If you have an always-on connection with apps running in the background, you might get the shock of your life one day when your bill arrives.

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Failing to monitor data usage has serious consequences for you. To prevent bill shock and avoid overage charges, the best thing that you can do is to use a data usage monitor app. And one of the most accurate monitoring tools on the App Store today is Data Counter.

Data Counter is a trusted data usage monitor with more than one million active users across the world. It is very popular among mobile users because it offers accurate real time information.

One notable feature of Data Counter is its ease of use. You can set it up in less than 30 seconds to start monitoring your usage. Just open the app’s Settings screen and choose the data plan that you are currently using. Then, set the volume of traffic in your billing cycle and you’re done. Data Counter will now display usage statistics on its home screen. At a glance, you will immediately know how much data you used. You will also get an alert when you are about to use up your data allotment.

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Best Features of Data Counter

Data Counter offers a universal monitoring tool that works with all telecommunications carriers around the world. That is because this app does not use mobile portal servers. It gets its data directly from your mobile device so it is not dependent on these servers. Additionally, the app does not require an Internet connection. There is no need for it to connect to the Internet because it only uses local data packets.

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The app offers hassle-free and quick set up process. Just select your data plan and set the volume of traffic in your billing cycle. It will only take a few seconds and a couple of taps to complete the set up.

Other useful features of Data Counter includes a Wifi download speed indicator, visual graphs, background monitoring, and instant alerts via notification center.

Best Features of Data Counter image

Data Counter - Universal Data Usage Monitor


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple set up
  • With intuitive design and navigation
  • Offers impressive visual graphs to show usage statistics
  • Offers real time monitoring and updated results
  • Works offline
  • Push notifications and instant alerts


  • No negative review

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Data Counter is a powerful data usage monitoring tool that offers real time accurate information. It displays usage statistics in clear visual graphs. If you want to avoid overage charges on your data plan, then this app could help you a lot.

Data Counter - Universal Data Usage Monitor

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