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Math Blobs Times tables app review: master your multiplication facts with this fun game-based app



Math Blobs Times tables is an iPhone and iPad educational app designed to adapt to your needs to practice certain facts and improve your accuracy. Take an entry test and then get ready to go!

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Math Blobs Times tables


Adaptive Learning

Math Blobs will adapt to your learning. This means that the multiplication facts that you get wrong will pop back up soon enough for you to correctly answer. The facts that you’ve mastered will keep coming up, but they will be spaced out more and more in favor of the facts that you have difficulty with. This is great, because when using flashcards, if you don’t keep a separate pile of the ones you get wrong, you can’t keep track of which facts you need to practice, nor do the ones that you’ve mastered come back up. I love technology for this because it means that you practice not only the facts you missed, but the ones that you’re getting better at and have mastered too.

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The facts aren’t presented only in a flashcard format either. They’re also presented in games that are fun for kids to play. The games adapt as mentioned above, and the app will also remind your children to practice their math facts if they have forgotten. This app will not work on iPods though, so you’ll need to lend them an iPad or your iPhone.

Wide Range of Students

Math Blobs was designed for students from primary through secondary age, and really will help anyone who needs help mastering their math facts. There are three games to play to learn, and these each adapt to the player as mentioned above. The free version does have ads, but those can be removed with an in-app purchase.

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I like that the players are learning through games, and that regular tests seem to flow in naturally to measure their progress. As the players play, they build up blobs in their collection. The blobs are abstract enough, but also cute so kids like collecting them. Older people also like to collect too, because watching the blobs congregate is just plain fun! It’s akin to matching and collecting up the gems in match-three games, or unlocking the maps!

Math Blobs Times tables


Pros & Cons


  • Educational
  • Learn your math facts
  • Practice the facts that you need the most help with
  • Learn through three fun games
  • Designed for anyone from elementary school through secondary school and beyond


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Math Blobs Times tables is an iPhone and iPad educational game that will help your students improve their multiplication facts. It was designed for elementary- through secondary-aged students and beyond to help anyone who is having difficulty with their multiplication, and does so through great adaptive games and appropriately spaced tests to monitor your progress. Overall, I appreciate the design and development that went into this game and my tutoring students enjoyed testing it out with me. If you know someone struggling with their multiplication, give it a try!


Math Blobs Times tables

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