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Dynasty Tycoon's Journey app review: business simulation with realistic graphics



Dynasty Tycoon’s Journey gives you a chance to become a successful business magnate who manages big industries and earns tons of money. The game combines elements of business simulation and building management. It takes you to two contrasting environments: rural life and city life. It offers more than 600 quests spread across dozens of challenging levels. Developed by Webgames, the game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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From Farm to City: Dynasty


Discover Amazing Ventures with Dynasty Tycoon’s Journey

When Capitalism was introduced by Enlight Software in 1995, it started a new gaming genre called business simulation. Flash forward to the 21st century: the genre still commands hordes of followers and it remains extremely popular among the young generations.

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Dynasty Tycoon’s Journey takes a leaf from Capitalism by offering a highly realistic business simulation for iOS devices. The game allows you to discover new business ventures and gives you the opportunity to manage them. But what makes this game unique is that it allows you to build other buildings to develop entire towns and cities.

By combining business and building simulations, Dynasty takes the genre to a new level. In this game, you are not only a business tycoon who wants to earn big profits. You are also a city builder who plans and builds structures including parks, stadiums, and many more. Of course, you will make a profit from those buildings as they are an integral part of your business empire.

The game offers good variety by giving you more than 600 quests. Unfortunately, it lacks a cohesive storyline that will give context to your building activities. But this single weakness does not take away the excitement offered by Dynasty.

Best Features of Dynasty Tycoon’s Journey

One of the strongest qualities of this game is its impressive graphics engine. It offers realistic scenes with highly detailed and crisp artwork for buildings. It offers nice animation making great use of shadows, visual effects, and seamless movements.

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Dynasty Tycoon’s Journey offers an amazing amount of content with more than 600 quests spread over dozens of levels. This is a very busy game and you have to prepare yourself to complete at least 20 tasks per level.

The game allows you to invite some of your friends to become your neighbors in Dynasty lands. You will earn free credits and money for every referral. More importantly, it allows you to spy on your neighbors to know the secrets of their business ventures.

And lastly, Dynasty allows you to uncover more lands to develop. It also offers new types of businesses and production methods. There is a treasure trove of different objects and structures that you can build on your new lands.

From Farm to City: Dynasty


Pros and Cons


  • Offers highly realistic game graphics
  • With impressive animation
  • Allows you to invite friends to earn rewards
  • Offers more than 600 quests
  • Hundreds of different objects and structures to build
  • Allows you to discover lands
  • Unique business models that you can study


  • Gets more expensive as you progress through higher levels
  • Lacks storyline

Final Thoughts

Dynasty Tycoon’s Journey is a combination of business simulation and building management games. It offers impressive game variety with more than 600 quests and dozens of challenging levels.


From Farm to City: Dynasty

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