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PayAnywhere app review: a mobile credit card processor for business users



PayAnywhere tapp ransforms your iOS devices into a mobile credit card processing system. The PayAnywhere credit card reader app allows you to accept credit card payments directly from your mobile device. It offers a free card reader which you can easily attach to your device.

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The service offers a flat rate for each swipe with no set-up fees and monthly finance charges. Developed by North American Bancard, this PayAnywhere app for iPhone is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch. Check out our PayAnywhere credit card reader reviews to see what this app has to offer. 

Payanywhere: Point of Sale POS


Accept Payment Anywhere with PayAnywhere

An increasing number of business owners are using mobile payment processors to streamline their financial transactions. Recent studies have shown that mobile payment systems can significantly improve collection efficiency.

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North American Bancard’s PayAnywhere is one of the most popular applications used by a growing number of business owners.

This app allows you to transform your mobile device into an integrated credit card processor. It offers several advanced features that can make your collections more efficient and productive.

For starters, you need to download the app from the App Store. It is available for free and works with the latest iOS devices.

After completing the installation, you can set up an account with Bancard directly from the app. The service also allows you to register an account via phone banking or through the Bancard website.

After creating your account, just wait for the card reader in the mail. It will probably take just a few days before you can receive the hardware. In the meantime, you can set up the app to accept credit card payments.

You can start creating items with prices, discounts, and tax computations. You can also customize the look of your item inventory by assigning different colors to your product categories.

Once you receive the card reader, simply plug it to your device and start accepting credit card payments. You only need to pay a flat fee for each swipe.

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Best Features of PayAnywhere

PayAnywhere offers built-in account setup. It allows you to apply to Bancard’s mobile credit card reader directly from your device. In case you applied online or through phone, the app allows you to link your existing account to your mobile device.

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This app offers free mobile card reader. This is a separate piece of hardware which you can attach to your device. It is compact and built specifically for mobile transactions.

The app offers no setup fees or monthly charges. You will only pay a flat rate of 2.69% per swipe. It offers a pay as you go system that would be suitable for small business owners.

And lastly, the app uses the latest encryption technology that adheres to accepted industry standards. It encrypts all transactions to make sure that your financial data will remain private.

Best Features of PayAnywhere image

Payanywhere: Point of Sale POS


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple layout
  • Allows you to customize item categories and inventories
  • Free card reader
  • No setup fees and monthly charges
  • Offers flat rate for each swipe
  • Allows you to apply for an account from your mobile device
  • Uses the latest encryption technology


  • Needs to support more international languages

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

PayAnywhere is one of the most trusted mobile payment processors in the market today. It offers free card reader and allows the user to setup an account for free. This is a recommended app for small business owners and mobile entrepreneurs.

Payanywhere: Point of Sale POS

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