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TCS DocStore app review: manage your files in sleek and simple ways



Have you ever wished you were one of those ultra-organized type of people who always knows exactly where your files are whenever you need them? The TCS DocStore app for your iPad can turn you into one of those types of people by giving you the tools you need to manage your files. It goes much deeper than that as you'll soon find out and because this one is streamlined it is user-friendly and you'll find yourself saving all kinds of time once you get organized.

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TCS DocStore


A Variety of Key Features

The TCS DocStore actually has a number of key features all built with the user in mind which means they are simple and easy to understand. Of course you can manage your files as stated but you can also create folders to store your files in, name them, re-name them, and delete them if they are no longer needed. Move files around the folders with ease so that any way you choose to organize them you can stay on top of it. Another important feature is that it is able to sync with the server.

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This one is free to use and in its recent update there were some bug fixes which have enhanced how quickly the app is able to sync with the service and just its overall speed as you move through it and use it. As of right now this one doesn’t have a customer rating or any customer comments.

Get to Know the App

One of the big pros in this app is that it keeps things basic and simple. The TCS DocStore isn't loaded with features and tools, and you won't find menu after menu here. Instead it is about basic functionality that can make a huge difference in how you store and organize your files. Additional features in this app include the ability to save from email, the Internet, and other apps. Files can also be shared with an annotated screen-shot and then sent by email or just by email.

Creating an account is simple and fast with the app and you can do that the first time you use it. Keep in mind this one requires iOS 7.0 or later in order to be able to use it.

TCS DocStore


Pros and Cons


  • The app is designed to be basic and user-friendly
  • There are no confusing menus and options
  • You will be able to manage your files
  • Create folders to store files in
  • Name, rename, and delete folders when you want
  • Share content by email
  • Save content from email, the Internet, and other apps


  • This one is only available for the iPad
  • For some users it may be too basic and not contain enough tools

Final Thoughts

The TCS DocStore app for your iPad can really change the way you go about storing and saving content. Within no time at all you’ll have learned all the steps in using this one and will navigate through the app with ease.


TCS DocStore

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