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TouristEye app review: discover incredible places to visit



Before heading out on your next travel adventure you may want to refer to the TouristEye app, which can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. This one is filled with user-planned trips, information, maps, and more so that you will be hearing from others just like you who were seeking adventure and excitement. What makes TouristEye app all the better is the fact that it has offline features making it ideal as you travel the world and don’t always have Internet access available to you.

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TouristEye - Travel Guide and Trip Planner


Your Next Great Vacation Awaits

Who know that your next great travel experience awaited you at just the touch of a few buttons on your mobile device. That’s exactly what the TouristEye app is able to do for you by acting as your own trip planner, travel guide extraordinaire, beautiful photos, and a source of offline maps. The app has been used by close to one million people and can help you plan a trip in mere seconds instead of weeks of research. What's really handy is that as you come across destinations that interest you they can be moved to your wishlist so you don't forget about them.

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The TouristEye app requires iOS 6.0 or later to use and is free. The app went through some critical bug fixes earlier this year to ensure a smoother customer performance. It has three out of five stars from users clearly leaving room for improvement. It supports Spanish and English.

Your Next Great Vacation Awaits image

Find What You Need

The TouristEye app makes it incredibly fast and easy to find what it is you want. There are nearby recommendations that are provided for you to help you discover hidden gems nearby, or you can plan a trip from scratch. The app features information on more than 10,000 locations and then over 300,000 activities, places, and experiences. This is a great way to discover activities and places you hadn’t even been aware of. You will be sent personalized ideas and you can check out what nearby users have on their own wishlist in order to provide you with extra inspiration and ideas.

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What's great is that this one can be used by seasoned travelers to find those off the beaten track ideas and for those who have yet to discover the world and aren't even sure where to start.

Find What You Need image

TouristEye - Travel Guide and Trip Planner


Pros and Cons


  • The app can be used by seasoned travelers and those planning their first big trip
  • Take a look at nearby recommendations to discover hidden gems in your town/city
  • The app is quick and easy to browse through
  • The information is available to you offline
  • This one acts as a trip planner, travel guide, provides offline maps, and photos
  • Add places to your wishlist so you don’t forget about them


  • None

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The TouristEye app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is able to change how you go about planning trips thanks to its user-friendly tools and wealth of information.

TouristEye - Travel Guide and Trip Planner

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