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Mind Vector app review: create great visual mind maps of your thoughts on your iOS device



Mind Vector by i2e Consulting LLC is an app for creating and developing brainstorming sessions on your iPhone or iPad. Visual mind maps are a great way to record your brainstorming sessions so that you can come back to them later for inspiration. This is the perfect tool for writers and other creative types to get past writers block and start being productive again. This is a whole lot better than recording your brainstorming sessions on paper which can be quite messy and difficult to follow. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Mind Vector- Mind Mapping & Brainstorming


Create Visual Mind Maps of Your Brainstorming Sessions

There are actually tons of mind mapping tools to choose from in the App Store and most of them do a pretty good job. What sets Mind Vector apart is its ease of use and abundance of available options. Brainstorming sessions are all about creating great visual cues that will spur you on to new ideas and Mind Vector does a great job of this. With this tool you can improve your creativity and save your ideas for later when you’re ready to work on them again.

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The great thing about this app is that you can color coordinate your maps to make them even more useful. The biggest drawback is that you will have to put up with ads in the free version. These are full-paged ads that you can’t close for at least five seconds. The number of nodes you can create in your brainstorming mind maps is also limited in the free versions, although there is still a fair bit of functionality. This app will require 23.4 MB of available space on your iOS device.

The Essentials

The main window for Mind Vector features a smaller window in which you’ll find a sample brainstorming session, any sessions you’ve already created, and a tab for creating a new session. The biggest problem you’ll run into in the free version is that you can only create one brainstorming session at a time, so if you want to create a new one you’ll have to delete the old one first which is a bit of a pain. The only way around this is to purchase the full version. 

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When you tap on the create new option you’ll be prompted to give your session a name, then you’ll be prompted to enter the first word for your map; after, that it’s up to you. If you want to add another node you simply tap on one of the existing nodes, this can be either attached to the parent node or one of its offshoots. You can also add colored outlines to your nodes to distinguish them from each other and make the map more readable. You’re out of luck if you want to save your map or share it though. You’ll have to upgrade to the full version to have these capabilities. The options in this free version are pretty limited.

Mind Vector- Mind Mapping & Brainstorming


Pros and Cons


  • Creating nodes is simple and intuitive
  • Can add color to your nodes


  • Free version is limited to one session at a time
  • Cannot save or share your sessions in the free version
  • Free version includes full-paged ads

Final Words

Mind Vector is a pretty decent brainstorming mind mapping app, but unfortunately the free version is very limited. You can only create one session at a time and you can’t share it or save it. If you’re serious about using this app as a creative tool you will have to pay for the full version. 


Mind Vector- Mind Mapping & Brainstorming

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