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Action Bowling 2 app review: realistic bowling simulator with multiplayer support 2021



Action Bowling 2 bowling game app is a mobile bowling simulator that uses actual physics to display realistic pin actions.

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This is a sequel to the free version of 10 pin bowling games, but it has been redesigned to give players a more enhanced experience.

The game supports two multiplayer options: network games and pass-and-play. This version of mobile bowling games also allows you to enjoy single player action with options to play in practice mode or scoring trial.

Developed by Kronos Games, this bowling app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Keep reading our review to see if this is the best bowling game for iOS.

Action Bowling - The Sequel


Become a Bowling Master in Action Bowling 2

It now supports Retina display to give you more realistic gameplay in a 3D environment. The most notable upgrade to this version is the enhanced multiplayer support. You can now challenge at least three of your friends in multiplayer network gaming via the Game Center or in an offline pass-and-play mode.

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The game offers a more simplified user interface. When you open the home screen, five access buttons are immediately available for you. From there, you can choose single player, network games, pass-and-play, and settings.

Simply tap any game mode to open the bowling alley. Gameplay in this version is much simpler: just position the ball in any angle you want and flick your finger to release it. The ball will always take a straight path the moment you release it. Predicting its trajectory towards the pins is fairly easy.

Action Bowling 2 allows some level of customizations to the game but they are mostly cosmetic in nature. It allows you to buy custom bowling balls and background themes using the in-game coins. You can earn coins for every session; but you also have the option to purchase coin packs to get more custom features.

Become a Bowling Master in Action Bowling 2 image

Best Features of Action Bowling 2

It provides realistic bowling experience using actual physics for more exciting pin action. Additionally, the game offers engaging background music and almost-real sound effects especially when the ball hits the pins.

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One of the best features of Action Bowling 2 is the multiplayer support. There are two multiplayer options available for you in this version.

Network gaming allows you to invite your friends via the Game Center in a four-player competition. It also offers offline pass & play mode so you can play with a friend on a single device.

The game offers two single-player options. It allows you to challenge yourself by playing for the high score or you can enjoy leisurely bowling sessions in practice mode.

Best Features of Action Bowling 2 image

Action Bowling - The Sequel


Pros and Cons


  • Offers high quality graphics.
  • With excellent background music and sound effects.
  • Offers multiplayer support.
  • With practice mode for new players.
  • Uses real physics for exciting pin actions.
  • Allows you to earn coins.
  • With dozens of custom design options.


  • With pop-up ads.
  • Gameplay may be too simple for some people.

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Action Bowling 2 is one of the best bowling simulators on the App Store. It uses real physics to display explosive pin actions. If you are looking for realistic bowling simulator, then this is a good bowling game app for you.

Action Bowling - The Sequel

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