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Number Combo app review: exciting new puzzle game that combine Tetris and 2048 2021



If you love Tetris and you are addicted to 2048, then you will definitely love Number Combo. This new puzzle app combines the exciting gameplay of a Tetris app and a 2048 app.

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This puzzle game uses the tiles of 2048 but merging these tiles takes place in a Tetris-like environment. It is a very simple game but it can offer hours of entertainment for everyone.

Developed by Yikai Wang, Combo app for iPhone is also compatible with the iPad and iPod Touch. Keep reading our combo app review for more details about this game. 

Number Combo 2048


A Challenging Arcade Puzzle for the Family

Tetris and 2048 are two of the most popular puzzle games of all time. In fact, Tetris has been around for several decades already. Its staying power is a living testament to the popularity of the game.

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So when you combine this game with 2048 game app, you will have an explosive game that will keep you occupied for long periods of time.

Number Combo ingeniously merges the key elements of two popular games to create a hybrid puzzle that is both exciting and addictive. The app offers familiar features and gameplay so you will have no problem playing it.

Unfortunately, the app can become extremely difficult especially if you are playing in fast mode. You have to think quickly and at the same time react to the falling tiles in order to complete the grid combinations.

Like Tetris, Number Combo features falling tiles from above. But instead of creating lines, you will have to match and merge numbers to reach the 2048 objective.

This app offers several challenging levels. You start with the slow and easy gameplay but the tiles will fall much faster as you continue with the game. In the fast mode, the speed of the game can boggle the mind. So you have to think and act fast in order to survive the game.

A Challenging Arcade Puzzle for the Family image

Best Features of Number Combo

Number Combo offers a unique combination of Tetris and 2048. It offers a familiar gameplay but with a totally different difficulty level. It is a challenging puzzle that will force you to think and act fast.

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This app offers a simple gaming interface. The puzzle board occupies a large part of the screen so you can easily maneuver the falling tiles.

Number Combo offers several convenient features. It allows you to adjust sound volume or you can mute the game if you want. It offers a pause button which you can use to temporarily stop the game anytime. The app automatically saves the high score and displays it on the home screen.

And lastly, Number Combo offers professionally designed interface. It uses a color combination that is easy on the eyes.

Best Features of Number Combo image

Number Combo 2048


Pros and Cons


  • Offers minimalist and simple interface.
  • Offers nice color schemes.
  • Combines the gameplay of Tetris and 2048.
  • Offers extremely challenging puzzle.
  • Allows you to adjust sound volume.
  • Automatically saves the best score.
  • Allows you to temporarily stop the game.


  • Too many pop-up ads.

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Number Combo is a unique puzzle game that combines the exciting elements of Tetris and 2048. It offers a familiar game screen but it is much more difficult than the typical Tetris game. If you are looking for new challenging puzzle games, then this is the perfect app for you.

Number Combo 2048

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