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UV US app review: offering personalized ultraviolet radiation forecast



UV US is a handy forecasting tool that predicts the level of ultraviolet radiation in your selected location. It offers current UV index, forecasted index, and UV alerts. It also offers special weather reports with key forecasts on temperature, humidity, heat index, chance of rain, and wind speed. Developed by MetaOptima Technology, the app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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UV US - Weather Forecast, UV index and Alerts


Protecting Your Skin against Ultraviolet Radiation

UV US is a special project of the Skin Research Training Center and the BC Cancer Agency of Canada. The app can be used as an awareness tool to fight the hazards of ultraviolet radiation. It is also a handy app which you can use to determine the level of radiation in your area.

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UV US is available for free with no in-app purchase option. This version offers full access to the UV report and weather forecast. It uses updated data from the NOAA and the United States National Weather Service.

The app does not require manual setup. After installation, it immediately detects your location and fetches data from the weather services. Just open the home screen in order to view the current ultraviolet index for your location.

UV US displays data in graphical format. It will show you a UV index graph with danger indicators. One quick look and you will know the intensity of UV radiation per hour.

In case you want to know the UV index in other location, all you have to do is to open the location screen. From there, you can search cities across North America. Choose any city and the UV index for that location will be displayed on screen.

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Best Feature of UV US App

UV US offers detailed data about ultraviolet radiation in cities across North America. It shows hourly predictions of radiation levels, UV status, and skin damage risks. It displays the UV index in graphical format.

This app offers current weather report for your location. It shows general daily forecast for temperature, heat index, humidity, chance of rain, and wind speed.

One of the best features of this app is the time to burn prediction. It can estimate time to sunburn based on metrics that you have provided. The app requires you to provide your skin tone, SPF used, UV index, and type of location. It will then show you the time to burn estimate.

Another great feature of the app is the custom city locator. It allows you to view UV index and weather report from other cities. This is a useful feature if you are planning to travel to another city.

And lastly, the app offers timely push notifications about UV radiation levels and risk factors. You can activate push notifications to receive the alerts.

Best Feature of UV US App image

UV US - Weather Forecast, UV index and Alerts


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive user interface with graphs.
  • Offers current UV index data.
  • With current weather report.
  • Uses data from NOAA and US NWS.
  • Allows you to estimate time to sunburn.
  • With push notifications.
  • Offers tips on how to avoid UV damage.


  • No negative review.

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

UV US is a handy ultraviolet radiation index tool. It is a valuable app that informs you about the dangers of UV radiation. It also offers weather report and can estimate time to sunburn. This is a great app for everyone to use. Very resourceful and practical. 

UV US - Weather Forecast, UV index and Alerts

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