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iSentry app review: turning Mac computers into surveillance system-2020



iSentry spycam app allows you to turn webcam into security camera or any other iDevice into a security camera app. It can detect motion and automatically activates video or photo recording. It will save captured videos and photos in a local disk but you can allow it to upload captured content to the iSentry web service. 

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This iPhone security camera app is designed to work specifically with a Mac or iDevice only and it requires OSX 10.13 or later versions to install and use. Make sure to only use compatible devices with this app.



A Reliable Security Monitor for Free

Motion sensitive security systems are very expensive. You also need to buy peripheral devices and digital storage to set-up a fully functional surveillance system.

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The good news is that you can now have a free surveillance system by simply using the iSentry app. This app is designed exclusively for the Mac computer. It works perfectly with the native iSight of Macs but it can also support other third party cameras such as Logitech, D-Link, and Wanscam to name just a few.

To get started, just load the app and open its settings screen. From there you will have access to the camera features including sensitivity level, alarm system, save option, pre-scheduled settings, and more.

With wide selection of settings, iphone security cam app allows you to configure quality of pictures and video clips, enable sound, alerts and receive email notifications about the events detected. Also spycam app can upload the pictures and video clips it takes on disk or in iPhoto album.

Once you are finished with the setup, simply point your Mac computer or the external web cam to an area that you want to monitor. It will then start monitoring activities and will detect motion.

The app will stop working if your Mac computer sleeps. It is important to disable the sleep mode setting of your computer so you can enjoy continuous monitoring.

If you want to scare away intruders, you can activate the app’s alarm whenever it detects motion. There are several alarms available in the app including horror scream, ambulance siren, dog barking, air raid siren, and many more.

Best Features of iSentry

iSentry offers a built-in motion sensor that can detect movements within its view. It allows you to adjust the sensitivity setting of the motion detector.

The app can take burst photos when it detects motion. It can also take successive shots to clearly capture the activities in front of the camera.

iSentry supports a number of third party web camera. If you don’t want to use iSight, you can install other webcams in your computer to serve as surveillance cameras. It automatically detects a supported camera once you activate the video surveillance.

This app allows you to fully customize the video capture settings. It allows you to set the video resolution, upload limit, and frequency of data capture.

iSentry saves footages and photos in your local hard disk. It also supports direct upload to the web via the app’s online service.

And lastly, the app will send you an email alert when it detects motion. However, you can disable this feature if you don’t want to receive alert messages.

Best Features of iSentry image



Pros and Cons


  • Offers easy setup.
  • Offers both video and photo capture.
  • Allows you to adjust camera settings.
  • Supports third party webcams.
  • Offers email alerts.
  • With loud alarms.


  • The app stops working when your computer sleeps.

Final Thoughts

iSentry is a free camera surveillance tool designed for Mac computers. It is easy to use and requires simple setup. It can transform your Mac unit into a fully functional security system with motion sensor.


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