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MultiTimer app review: a handy timer for multiple purposes 2021



MultiTimer by Sergey Astakhov is a simple little timer app for iPhone with the goal of providing a quick and easy to use timer for just about any purpose you can think of that requires a timer.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to time when your BBQ chicken will be cooked to perfection, trying to keep track of how long your workout will last, or you just want to know how long you’ve been meditating for - this iPhone timer is the perfect solution.

What makes our iPhones and iPads so important for our daily lives is all the little useful things we can do with them and this app is a great example of that. MultiTimer is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Keep reading our MultiTimer app review to see if this is one of the best timer apps for iPhone and iPad users. 

MultiTimer - Free Fast Multiple Countdown Timer with Alarms


Time Every Aspect of Your Life

Timer apps are pretty common in the App Store but these are generally designed with one specific purpose in mind and they only allow you to access one timer at a time.

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The great thing about MultiTimer is that you can use it to time whatever you like, and you can time more than one thing at any given time. There’s a lot more functionality in this app that you will find in the typical timer app.

MultiTimer app is refreshingly simple, there are no bells and whistles, it’s color coordinated to separate each timer, and it’s easily customizable. There are no ads or in-app purchases to get in the way of your use of the app, and no constant requests to rate the app.

It also has a great little help section to get you started. The developers of MultiTimer have simply recognized a potential need and given you a simple tool to address that need with no apparent ulterior motive. This app will require 8.5 MB of available space on your IOS device.

Time Every Aspect of Your Life image

The Essentials

When you open the app for the first time you’ll see a basic walkthrough of the apps different functions. This can also be accessed later at any time by tapping on the settings icon in the top right corner. Once you’re finished with the walkthrough you’ll notice the app has six timers available by default on the main screen.

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This can also be changed from within the settings function where you can also add labels to your timers – for example, you may want to create one called cooking and one called exercise. This is really only limited by your own imagination.

Using a timer is simple, simply tap on it to start the timer, and tap on it again if you want to pause the timer. If you want to reset the timer you simply double tap, and if you want to change the length of the timer you can do so by tapping and holding on the timer in question and changing the timer to the desired length. This can be anywhere from one minute to sixty. 

The Essentials image

MultiTimer - Free Fast Multiple Countdown Timer with Alarms


Pros and Cons


  • Can run and view multiple timers at once
  • Timers can be color coordinated and labeled
  • Timer length is fully customizable
  • Includes a good set of instructions


  • None

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’re looking for a great timer app without all the bells and whistles, then MultiTimer is a great option for you. This app allows you to work with multiple timers at the same time and each timer can be customized with different colors and labels. This one is definitely worth downloading.. 

MultiTimer - Free Fast Multiple Countdown Timer with Alarms

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