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SurfEasy VPN: Private. Secure. Anonymous. app review - offering secured VPN to protect online privacy 2021



SurfEasy VPN is a standalone virtual private network client, VPN app, for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to hide your IP address so you can bypass firewalls and browse sites that are otherwise blocked in your location.

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This VPN for iPhone offers end-to-end encryption to keep your online activity private and prevent snoops from viewing your data. Continue reading our Surfeasy VPN review for more details about this app. Once you have finished our Surfeasy review, check out our best VPN apps for iPhone list

SurfEasy VPN - WiFi Proxy


Enjoy Safe and Anonymous Browsing with SurfEasy VPN

Websites, ad networks, and even government spy agencies can easily track your online activities. This is the reason why you have to use VPNs or virtual private networks. 

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SurfEasy VPN for iPhone and iPad is one of those VPNs that offer excellent privacy protection for mobile users. This is a standalone client that completely encrypts whatever data you send or receive through the internet. It uses 256bit AES IPSec security protocols to keep your data private. You should also check out best VPN app for Android 

What’s notable about SurfEasy vpn app is its ease of use. Simply install it in your iOS device and it will take care of everything. It requires no extra configuration and you don’t have to worry about what protocols and servers to use.

The app’s VPN kicks in once you load it. You will get instant privacy protection the moment you log-in to your SurfEasy account. It allows you to register a private profile by signing up with your email address.

When you open the home screen, the app displays your default VPN connection which originates from Canada. You can easily change your default connection by choosing another server location such as Germany, Japan, Norway, Brazil, Singapore, and dozens more.

Once connected to a server, the app will start working in the background to hide your real IP address and maintain encryption. You can now confidently surf the net, send emails, or even use social media apps and messaging services in a highly secured and private environment.

Enjoy Safe and Anonymous Browsing with SurfEasy VPN image

Best Features SurfEasy VPN for iPhone and iPad

SurfEasy VPN offers free privacy protection for up to 500MB of data each month. Your free allocation refreshes automatically. 

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However, the app gives you the chance to increase your data cap by more than 1GB if you refer friends, add five devices to your account, use SurfEasy for five consecutive days, switch server regions, and follow the service on Twitter.

This app uses the latest security encryption protocols designed for iOS devices. It offers end-to-end encryption so anything you do while using your device will be kept private, making it a great option within the vpn apps category.

It also offers dozens of server tunnels where you can connect anonymously. It allows you to hide your IP address and use other servers to connect with websites. This is useful for accessing sites that are blocked in your country.

Best Features SurfEasy VPN for iPhone and iPad image

SurfEasy VPN - WiFi Proxy


Pros and Cons


  • Offers fast and easy setup
  • Offers secured connection to any websites
  • Allows you to hide IP address
  • Offers dozens of servers
  • Offers free 500MB data monthly
  • Allows you to earn more data


  • Some advanced features require paid subscription
  • Lacks P2P (torrent) support

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

SurfEasy VPN for iPhone and iPad is one of the best virtual private networks for mobile devices. It offers excellent security encryption and allows you to hide your online activity. Most importantly, it offers a free plan for life with no aggressive upgrade marketing.

SurfEasy VPN - WiFi Proxy

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