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VPN in Touch app review: offering secured web connectivity to protect private data 2021



VPN in Touch is a virtual private network client that offers secured web proxy and Wifi security. This iPhone VPN app offers dozens of proxy servers which you can use to mask your IP address.

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This top VPN app for iPhone allows you to unblock sites and access any content from around the world. It offers special features including an ad-blocker, VPN on-demand, and mobile data saving.  This vpn app is perfect for your iPhone and iPad.

Check out our VPN in Touch app review for more details. 

VPN in Touch


Easy to Use VPN with Powerful Features

Like most VPN clients, VPN in Touch offers greater privacy and security when you connect to the internet. The app hides your online activities by tunneling data packets through proxy servers from around the world. By hiding your real location, you will be able to access content and websites that are blocked by your network.

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The app’s VPN client is available for free on the App Store and you can try it for limited time. However, you need to buy a subscription in order to continue with the VPN service. A premium subscription also allows access to all data servers.

VPN in Touch automatically configures the private network access during installation. It requires you to register an account using a valid email address.

The app connects you to a default server after log-in. You can then activate other features such as the ad-blocker, VPN on Demand, and Data Saving from the settings screen. And if you want to change your server region, just open the location screen and select a listed country.

The app uses 40 servers across seven countries including the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, and Canada.

VPN in Touch keeps you connected to a web proxy even if your mobile device goes to sleep. As long as you are connected to the internet, the app will encrypt your mobile data and will mask your IP address.

Easy to Use VPN with Powerful Features image

Best Features of VPN in Touch

VPN in Touch offers impressive data encryption technology. It uses a number of trusted protocols including IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. It encrypts your data before sending it over the internet. Security encryption also works with installed third party apps such as Skype, Viber, Facebook, and others.

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This app uses 40 stable servers to provide reliable web proxies for you. It allows you to mask your real IP address to protect your identity. By tunneling data from different regions across the world, VPN in Touch can bypass firewalls and server restrictions.

Other powerful features of this app include the built-in ad-blocker, mobile data saving, and VPN On-demand. It optimizes mobile data in smaller packets so you can save on bandwidth without affecting connection speed.

Best Features of VPN in Touch image

VPN in Touch


Pros and Cons


  • Offers 40 servers across seven countries
  • Offers excellent data encryption
  • With Wifi hotspot protection
  • Offers ad-blocker
  • Allows you to bypass firewalls and restricted content
  • Allows you to optimize mobile data connection
  • Offers always-on VPN connectivity


  • No free plans; requires regular paid subscription

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

VPN in Touch offers excellent privacy protection and encrypted connection when you browse the web. This is one of the most trusted VPN clients for mobile devices.

It offers several extra features including an ad-blocker and mobile data saving. It's one of the best vpn apps on the market.

VPN in Touch

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