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OpenVPN Connect app review: offering a secure tunnel to protect online privacy 2021



OpenVPN Connect is the official virtual private network client of OpenVPN Technologies. This VPN app for iPhone allows free use of the network’s Access Servers, Tunnel VPN, and OpenVPN community.

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The VPN app is the de facto standard in private networking that offers cutting edge features for secured and anonymous connection. This good VPN app fro iPhone is also compatible with  iPad and iPod Touch. Keep reading our OpenVPN Connect VPN app review for more details.

OpenVPN Connect


Protecting Your Connection for Free with OpenVPN Connect

For years, OpenVPN has been used as the default virtual private network protocol for desktop services. It's considered the gold standard when it comes to protecting a user’s connection over a private network. It is an open source technology which means it is available to anyone for free without restrictions.

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With OpenVPN Connect, you can now implement the trusted security and private tunneling features of OpenVPN Technologies on your iOS devices. The app is available for download for free and you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Unlike paid VPNs however, OpenVPN Connect requires some manual configuration. First, you need to download and install the client from the App Store.

Then, you have to import any available OpenVPN profile so you can connect to the server. You can then setup your own auto login profile to access the private tunnel connection.

After configuring the client, you can now enjoy secured and private access to the OpenVPN Access Server. Every time you open the app, it automatically encrypts your connection and hides your location for private browsing.

One notable thing about this app is that it does not drop data packets when you lose connection. This means that you will not be thrown back into unsecured internet networks. OpenVPN keeps you inside the virtual private network when you reestablish connection.

Protecting Your Connection for Free with OpenVPN Connect image

Best Features of OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN Connect allows you to import available opvn profiles so you can use them to make your connections anonymous and secured. It allows free use of the OpenVPN Access Server and Private Tunnel services. It follows the open source model which means that service is always available to you for free.

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This app uses cutting edge security technology to protect your browsing activities and data from illegal snooping. It is using the same protocols implemented on most desktop services and systems.

OpenVPN Connect has been upgraded in order to optimize its battery saving feature. In the past, users are complaining that the encryption engine of the app significantly drains the battery. This is not the case anymore as the app uses the latest power management technology.

One of the best features of OpenVPN Connect is its support of IPv6 connections. This is the next generation protocol that is slowly replacing the old IP system.

Best Features of OpenVPN Connect image

OpenVPN Connect


Pros and Cons


  • Offers free virtual private networks
  • Allows you to import opvn profiles
  • Allows you to use Tunneling service
  • Offers multi-factor authentication for more secured connections
  • Supports the latest IPv6 technology
  • Offers the latest power management system


  • Requires manual configuration
  • Might be confusing for some users

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

OpenVPN Connect is one of the best VPN clients for iOS devices. It offers free use of OpenVPN Access Servers and Tunneling Services. It requires manual configuration but once you install it, you will be able to use secured private networks for free.

OpenVPN Connect

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