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VZ Navigator app review: offering reliable road navigation system with turn-by-turn voice instruction-2020



VZ Navigator app is a full-featured navigation system that offers comprehensive information to make your road trip more convenient and safer. This VZ Navigator for iPhone app offers several advanced features including turn-by-turn directions, real time traffic updates, road trip map, intersection guidance, and 3D urban navigation.

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Check out our VZ Navigator app review to see what all this app has to offer. Also, in addition to our VZ Navigator review, check out our navigation apps list for more great options.

VZ Navigator


Making Road Trips Safer with VZ Navigator

Buying a standalone road navigation system with GPS capability can set you back by a few hundred dollars. Why spend this amount when you can use your iOS device as a reliable road navigator? All you need to do is to install the VZ Navigator app.

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This GPS route tracker app uses your device’s built-in GPS capability to give you accurate road directions. It detects your current location to fetch updated road maps from its database.

What makes verizon navigator app extremely useful is the voice powered turn-by-turn direction. Before you start your trip, simply select a route or destination and allow the app to guide you. It can even render 3D maps for most urban areas. It provides good interpretation of buildings, road signs, and other landmarks to help you find your destination.

The app stays online when you are on the road. It will then collect real time traffic data and will tell you about potential road gridlocks. It will select new routes for you to avoid rush hour traffic.

Making Road Trips Safer with VZ Navigator image

Best Features of VZ Navigator

VZ Navigator offers impressive voice powered turn-by-turn directions. It offers accurate guidance so you can enjoy safer navigation. Voice directions work in conjunction with GPS tracking.

This navigator app for iphone offers updated road maps in the United States. It also offers 3D maps for major urban areas. It shows actual buildings, road signs, and landmarks along your routes.

VZ Navigator offers a useful freeway guidance system. It can detect exits and difficult junctions and gives you a graphical view of the highway. It offers color coded road guidance which shows you what lane to take.

One of the best features of this app is real time traffic update. It can detect road gridlocks along your routes and will give timely updates. You can allow the app to alter your route to prevent traffic jams.

Other powerful features of the app include updated points of interests, one-tap route selector, hazard alerts, and school zone alerts.

Best Features of VZ Navigator image

VZ Navigator


Pros and Cons


  • Offers updated 3D maps of major cities in the US
  • Offers real time traffic update
  • With voice powered turn by turn directions
  • Offers advanced road guidance on difficult junctions
  • Offers hundreds of points of interests along your routes


  • Constant use of GPS quickly drains device battery

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

VZ Navigator is one of the most feature-rich navigation apps for iOS devices. It offers voice powered directions, real time traffic updates, 3D city maps, and more. It's a tremendous option if you are looking for a GPS route tracker app.

VZ Navigator

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