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UX Write app review: full-featured word processor with MSWord and HTML support



UX Write is a powerful mobile word processor with editing tools designed for long-form writing tasks or projects. It offers professional features that can rival those offered on desktop word processors. It allows you to create and edit documents in HTML and MS Word formats. It also supports cloud integration for easy file syncing. Developed by UX Productivity, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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UX Write - A free word processor for Microsoft Word and HTML documents


Creating Professional Documents Made Easier

UX Write was developed initially for the iPad by an Australian technology company. It was eventually redesigned to allow iPhone and Touch compatibility. It now offers an optimized display suitable for all mobile devices.

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The app offers two available versions: Basic and Professional. The basic version is free and can function as a standalone word processor with key editing features including HTML and MS Word support and cloud integration. The Pro version offers more advanced editing tools such as customizable Styles and PDF support.

When you open UX Write’s home screen, you will immediately see the file locations menu. It allows you to open saved files from your device or to download documents saved in the cloud.

You can create a new document by tapping the ‘plus’ icon. It opens the main editor where you can type and format your texts. You can also open existing files with html and doc extensions and edit them just like in Microsoft Word.

The app saves files in HTML which means your documents can be printed from, and are viewable in any, web browsers and other word processors. To save documents in the cloud, you need to link UX Write with your cloud storage account. Once linked, the sync process happens automatically so you don’t need to download and upload every time you create documents.

Best Features of UX Write

UX Write offers a powerful word editor with professional formatting tools including styles, text alignment, font control, headings, bold, italic, underline, and TOC creator. It supports long-form documents such as books, research papers, and reports.

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The app supports several cloud storage solutions. It allows you to sync files on Dropbox, Box, Drive, One Drive, and WebDav servers. It can also save and retrieve files locally via iTunes file sharing.

UX Write supports Bluetooth keyboards for easier encoding. However, it offers built-in on-screen keyboard with special functions for shortcuts. It allows one-tap solution for formatting, inserting punctuation, and auto-correct replacement.

The main editor supports image insert with basic formatting options such as crop, alignment, and captioning. It can also import table graphics and other supported images.

And lastly, UX Write supports PDF export and printing. It allows you to convert the app’s native documents into PDF for easier distribution.

UX Write - A free word processor for Microsoft Word and HTML documents


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Offers clean design and layout
  • Offers professional editing tools
  • Supports MS Word
  • Allows PDF printing
  • Supports cloud storage
  • Allows you to insert images
  • Supports styles and advanced formatting


  • Does not recognize .txt formats

Final Thoughts

UX Write is one of the most powerful word processors for mobile devices. It offers advanced features that allow you to create professional documents. If you want an easy to use word processor, then this is a must-have app for you.


UX Write - A free word processor for Microsoft Word and HTML documents

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