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Caller-ID app review: free online Caller ID service 2021



Caller-ID is a fantastic udea for an iPhone app for phone calls as it enables you to perform what is known as a reverse lookup in order to see who has called you, with additional information such as geolocation and more.

It is an unfortunate fact that the majority of cell phone providers do not provide an extensive caller ID service, or at least not to the same level of detail that you would expect from a landline telephone service.

This make a good app for caller identification like Caller-ID invaluable for helping you to avoid nuisance callers and generally remain better informed about who is trying to contact you.

Keep reading our Caller ID app review to learn more about how to use this app for indentifying who is calling you on your iPhone. 

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If you find yourself receiving a lot of calls from numbers that you do not recognize then you will definitely want to consider downloading the Caller-ID app onto your iPhone and iPad for more information.

In order to use this app - all you have to do is enter the number that tried to call you and you will be provided with the name that is registered to that phone number. In some cases you will also receive map information with a full postal address.

The best iPhone apps for phone calls 2021

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Caller-ID definitely makes a great addition to the Reference category of the App Store, and it currently offers coverage for the entirety of the United States and Canada with the developer promising that more countries will be added in due course.

The best iPhone apps for phone calls 2021

The developer has created this app with a wonderfully simplistic user interface, so you should have very little difficulty figuring out how to use it even if you are completely new to this kind of caller ID utility.

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Pros and Cons


  • Perform reverse lookups to see who is trying to call you
  • Simply input the number of a caller to receive information
  • Information includes the name registered to a given telephone number plus an address
  • Map information is also provided where available
  • Enjoy a simplistic interface for ease of use
  • Provides much of the same information you would expect from a landline caller ID service


  • There is nothing negative to say about Caller-ID app

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Final Words

Caller-ID is simple, effective, and incredibly easy-to-use, making it a must-have iPhone and iPad app for any of you who are sick and tired of receiving calls from numbers that you have never seen before.

The map information provided for each telephone number is approximate, but at the very least you will be able to gain a clearer idea of which individuals or companies are attempting to contact you.


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