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CRM Task app review: offering advanced contact and communication tracking



CRM Task is a companion app of the web-based contact tracking app service Highrise. It allows you to see listed tasks, reminders, notes, and conversation history before you make a call. It allows you to streamline your communications for easier and convenient tracking. Developed by Bilog, the app works best with your iPhone.

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CRM Task


Making Your Communication Tasks More Efficient

Highrise is an online service that offers convenient communication tracking. It allows you to track phone calls and associate each call with a client note, reminder, or call history. The service is designed for contact agents, customer service support, lead generation agencies, and small businesses.

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So if you are using Highrise to make your communications more efficient, then you should consider installing CRM Task in your iPhone. This app is a companion tool for your Highrise account. It allows you to access important communication reminders and notes for each of your contact.

You can log-in to CRM Task using your Highrise user credentials. Once you log-in, all your contact history and tracking will be updated. This version allows you to use half of you tasks. If you want complete access to your Highrise tasks, then you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

The app works like a personal secretary. Before you make a call to a client, CRM Task will give you a history of past communications, notes, and reminders. You can then contextualize the communication process to push forward the conversation. This feature would be very useful if you are trying to follow up a transaction with clients.

After the call, the app automatically opens a note tool so you can write down significant points of the conversation. The note tool is time-stamped and it also supports voice note taking. Save the note and proceed with the next call.

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Best Features of CRM Task

CRM Task offers a convenient log-in screen where you can validate your Highrise credentials. It can remember your username and password for quick access later.

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The app offer an organize list of calls that you have to make. It allows you to view daily and weekly communication tasks. You can assign color-coded buttons for each task for easy recall. You can delete a task from the list anytime or mark it as completed.

CRM Task offers complete access to your Highrise communication tracking tools. It allows you to view notes, reminders, email history, and call history. You can review your communication history before you make a call.

This app automatically opens a note tool when you finish a call. All you need to do is to write down the call history, minutes, or any reminder. Notes are saved in the app so you can quickly access them for the next call.

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CRM Task


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a professionally designed user interface
  • Allows you to view call history
  • Offers quick access to communication notes and reminders
  • Allows you to mark calls as completed
  • Offers after-call note tool
  • Supports voice note taking


  • Works only with Highrise
  • Free version offers limited access to contact history

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Final Thoughts

CRM Task is the mobile companion app for the Highrise communication service. It allows you to view contact history, call history, notes, and reminders.

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CRM Task

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