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Gas Manager app review: universal fuel consumption calculator with visual dashboard 2021



Gas Manager is a mileage app and gas app that calculates vehicle fuel consumption, gas mileage, and carbon footprint. This gas management app offers detailed information with graphs and hard data.

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This gas expenses app for iPhone allows you to export data to CSV format so you can edit it on Microsoft Excel. The gas manager app for iPhone uses GPS for tracking your vehicle and for finding points of interests while you are on the road.

This app for managing gas expenses is compatible with iPhone and iPad. For more details on this mileage app for iPhone and iPad, check out our Gas Manager app review. 

Gas Manager


Easily Calculate Fuel Consumption with Gas Manager

If you own several vehicles, it is very important to know their fuel efficiency so you can save money on gas. This is particularly true for transport companies that operate a fleet of vehicles.

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Gas Manager is one such app that could help calculate your fuel consumption. It offers crucial information about current gas consumption, fuel prices, mileage, cost per kilometer, and carbon footprint. What’s striking about this app is that it provides you with a personalized dashboard where you can view the data in a list form or color-coded graphs.

You can download Gas Manager on the App Store for free. The basic version allows you to input 10 gas fill-ups per vehicle. If you require unlimited fill-ups for a large number of vehicles, then you have the option to buy the full version.

You can get started by entering the initial gas fill-up per vehicle. Make sure to enter price information and the fill-up volume. The app uses several parameters to monitor fuel consumption. It will calculate gas mileage per vehicle as well as cost per kilometer.

To get an overview of your data, just open the summary page. From here, you can view the overall fuel consumption with added information about carbon footprint of each car. You can open the main menu to select individual reports including cost, distance, price, cost per mile, and distance per gallon.

Easily Calculate Fuel Consumption with Gas Manager image

Best Features of Gas Manager

Gas Manager offers a graphical dashboard where you can view detailed information about fuel consumption. It offers three types of views: data summary, graphs, or lists.

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This app allows you to export graphs and data to Microsoft Excel. It converts data into CSV format. You can then send the CSV file via email so you can retrieve it on your PC. Then, open the file using Excel to create spreadsheet records of your fuel consumption.

Gas Manager allows you to input fill-up costs and volume. It will then use the built-in parameters to calculate historical gas mileage.

The app supports GPS tracking. You can activate this feature to locate your car. It also allows you to locate nearby points of interests including gas stations, diners, hospitals, shops, major landmarks, and many more.

Best Features of Gas Manager image

Gas Manager


Pros and Cons


  • Offers visual graphs to display data
  • Allows you to view summaries and lists
  • Calculates fuel consumption daily, monthly, and yearly
  • Offers built-in fill-up manager
  • Allows you to view carbon footprint per vehicle
  • Allows you to export data to Microsoft Excel
  • Supports GPS tracking


  • Might be confusing to some users
  • Free version limited to 10 fill-ups only

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Gas Manager is a decent fuel consumption calculator. It offers a personal dashboard where you can view information in hard data or graphs. It's one of the better gas apps for data on the iOS. 

Gas Manager

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