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Surkus app review: make money while attending events 2021



The Surkus app, which is featured on our list of the Best iPhone apps for nightlife, is an innovative nightlife app that actually pays you to attend social events in your city.

The best iPhone apps for making money

If you’re the type of person that likes to get out on the town then this is a fantastic opportunity – you can literally turn your social life into a money making venture. You probably won’t get rich doing this but you can make a little extra cash and as a bonus you’ll be able to attend some of the biggest and best events in your local area.

This Surkus nightlife app has a lot of potential. Surkus is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Keep reading our Surkus review to see why you should give this app a try. 



Make Money While You Play

There aren’t many apps that that are competitive with Surkus – this one’s rather unique. There are apps designed with the purpose of commenting and rating the places you’ve visited such as Foursquare, but they don’t offer you money for your time.

The best iPhone apps for nightlife

In fact it’s probably safe to say this app’s in a class of its own – the only drawback is that because it’s still such a new concept it may not offer any opportunities in your city yet. If you’re in a big city such as Los Angeles or New York you’ll probably have more luck than if you live in a small sleepy town in northern Michigan.

Surkus app does have its issues though. Perhaps the biggest one is that you don’t always get paid a lot to attend events – sometimes as little as $10 or $15. This doesn’t really seem worthwhile, especially if you’re driving a considerable ways to get to the event.

It also lacks any sample videos which would be really helpful in an app like this, but it does have an excellent written support section so this isn’t a major issue. Surkus app will require 27 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Make Money While You Play image

The Essentials

You will need to connect with Surkus app using your Facebook account, but the process is seamless and only takes a couple of seconds. You’ll also want to connect your PayPal account to the app as well as this is how you are paid for the events you attend.

Best iphone and ipad apps

Once you’ve finished with these basic aspects of the set up process you can begin using the app. Available event offers are sent to you automatically in the apps dashboard. Each posting features the name of the event, the date and time of the event, and the fee you’ll be paid for attending.

To accept an offer you simply tap on the event and notify that you will be attending. To get paid you simply check in when you arrive at the event, and you will then receive payment to your PayPal account.

Your profile information is automatically taken from your Facebook information, but you will have to enter your city and phone number manually. They use this information to verify who you are so you can’t skip this part of your profile.

It’s quite simple though, they make things as easy as possible for you as everything is clearly laid out and there’s a helpful FAQ section at the bottom of your dashboard if you’re not sure about anything.

When you first sign on you will have to wait for the app's developers to review your profile before you can get started though. 

The Essentials image



Pros and Cons


  • Get paid to attend social events
  • Excellent FAQ section
  • Clearly laid out


  • Payments aren’t very much
  • There is a review process before you’ll begin receiving offers

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Surkus is an app with the potential to change the way we experience a night out. When you sign up for this service you can actually get paid for attending social events in your city. If you like to get out on the town anyway, then this app makes a whole lot of sense. 


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