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Basic Math Skills for School with Numbie app review: a fun and interactive match game for kids



Basic Math Skills for School with Numbie by Plarium Education is a fun, interactive math learning game for young children. It’s often a challenge trying to keep the attention of young children, but there are some tools that work better than others. Most importantly, you have to get them involved by creating tasks they can interact with and Basic Math Skills for School with Numbie does exactly that. It also helps to have some cute characters and a patient voice, which you’ll also find in this app. This is a free app, although most activities require a subscription, and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Numbie: First Grade Math


The Latest News When it Happens

There are lots of children’s education apps to choose from, but they aren’t all created equal. The best ones make learning fun for kids, and allow parents to control and track their activities – no one wants their children accidently running up large bills with in-app purchases. Basic Math Skills for School with Numbie definitely ticks all of these boxes making it one of the better math learning apps you’re likely to find for your child. Best of all there are tons of activities in this app that will keep your child occupied for a long time.

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While this really is a fun app for the kids, most of it requires a subscription to access it – only the first of ten chapters is free. The first chapter is fully functional though, so you’ll be able to get a good idea of what you think of the app before deciding if you want to purchase a subscription. Any purchase requires a passcode to unlock, which gives parents the peace of mind of not worrying about what their child might be getting into. This app will require 50.2 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How to Play

The app starts with a fun introduction from Numbie explaining to your child how everything works, after that they can navigate their way through each chapter using a fun little visual map. Each point on the map represents a new learning activity and all your child has to do to access it is tap on it. Even this map is fun for kids with cute graphics, and fun music. Loading times for each activity only takes a couple of seconds, which is good because we all know it doesn’t take long for a young child to get bored!

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Each activity features a different character to help your child with the lesson – once again keeping things fresh and interesting for the child. In each lesson your child will have to move fun items on the screen to answer the questions such as cupcakes. If they’re having difficulty they can always tap on the help icon if they want to and Numbie is always offering helpful hints as well. Once they complete the task successfully they will automatically go to the next activity, or they can tap on the forward arrow at any time to move on. 

Numbie: First Grade Math


Pros and Cons


  • Cute graphics and music
  • Good parental controls included
  • User friendly map for navigation
  • Simple intuitive lessons with help features if your child gets stuck


  • Only the first chapter is available without a subscription

Final Words

Basic Math Skills for School with Numbie is a great educational math app for young children. With a user friendly interface and cute graphics your child is sure to find hours of entertainment with this one. Your kids will simply love this.


Numbie: First Grade Math

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