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Subliminals Work app review: helping you to see the positives 2021



There’s no question about it, life can get pretty busy and stressful and in those times it can be rather hard to stay relaxed and keep a positive attitude.

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The Subliminals Work motivation app for  iPhone and iPad is meant to help users by providing them with a collection of positive voice affirmations found in one ease to use motivation app.  

These have been professionally created and recorded so that they "bypass your conscious and penetrate your subconscious". All of this without you even realizing it's happening until suddenly you’re looking at your daily life in a new light.

Subliminal: Affirmations


Start Changing the Way You Think

With the Subliminals Work app you can really start to change the way you think and look at things. These affirmations will actually be repeated in the recording but happen at such a low volume that you aren't even aware of them.

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You can start to benefit from a stress-free outlook without all the work involved with changing your mindset through exercises and manual re-programming of such. Anyone can use the app with ease and you'll find that there are a large variety of recordings that you can go through that focus on different subjects.

This app has just been updated with a number of small improvements, a loop function has now been included, and it also supports the Apple Watch.

You can enjoy a 30-minute relaxation sampling for free and from there you can purchase different recordings. These recordings are all priced at $5.99 and include such topics as anxiety treatment, weight loss, self-motivation, live happy, and much more. 

Start Changing the Way You Think image

Professionally Recorded

As mentioned, all of the recordings in the Subliminals Work app have been professionally recorded by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Christine Hogan. Hogan has a Master's Degree in Social Work and an LCSW.

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The idea of the app is that it allows users to reprogram their subconscious in a simple and quick way. There are no additional tools needed, simply listen to the recording. Each recording has background bells and music which you can relax to while the messages play, which again you won't be able to hear.

Navigating through the app is quick and streamlined as it takes a minimalist approach that really works for the content. There aren’t many menus to try to move through and the user interface is basic yet functional.

Professionally Recorded image

Subliminal: Affirmations


Pros and Cons


  • The app has a streamlined look to it
  • The tools are basic yet functional
  • There is a large variety of topics covered
  • You get 30 minutes worth of free recorded content
  • All the content is professionally recorded
  • The app is user-friendly


  • The majority of the content needs to be purchased
  • Users would like to see more content added

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Subliminals Work app for your iPhone and iPad is meant to reprogram your subconscious in such a way that you don’t even know it’s happening. What you will notice is that your outlook on life begins to take a much more positive approach.

Subliminal: Affirmations

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