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Rainbowtail: Match-3 RPG app review: a simple and fun match 3 puzzle game



Rainbowtail: Match-3 RPG by Minidragon is a fun and innovative match 3 puzzle game. If you’re looking for a new twist on this popular game format you’ll want to check this one out. If you’ve played a lot of these games the idea of matching colored gems will be very familiar to you, but, what makes this game a little special is the introduction of pets that give you a little extra power boost for clearing away some extra gems. With numerous different levels this one will keep you happily matching gems for hours. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Rainbowtail: Puzzle RPG | Match 3 with Monsters


Use Pets to Remove More Gems

Anybody who’s had an iPhone or and iPad for any length of time has probably played games like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled at some point in time. There’s something about those magical little gems that keep us mesmerized and coming back for more. While these games are very addictive in nature, their popularity has also made them a little predictable in nature and in order to differentiate one from the other developers have introduced new game play twists. Some apps have extended the match three concept to multiple patterns as long as the gems are touching, some have introduced exploding gems, and Rainbowtail: Match-3 RPG has introduced the concept of pets mentioned above.

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If there’s one minor irritation with this game it’s how hard it is to collect all the stars necessary to complete a level – it’s not impossible by any means but you may have to complete the same board multiple times before you can collect all its stars. This can get a little tedious. On the plus side there are no ads to worry about in this app which is surprising in a free app. There are in-app purchases, but these aren’t a requirement to advance through the game – they’ll simply help you clear the board quicker. This app will require 45.6 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Use Pets to Remove More Gems  image

How to Play

Rainbowtail: Match-3 RPG relies on the familiar match three theme, but to successfully clear each board you have to collect three stars. You can reach a board’s objective without collecting enough stars which will allow you to continue on to the next board, but you will have to return to that board later to collect all three stars before the next level will be unlocked. Each level has multiple boards so you’ll just have to keep plugging away before you can move on.

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The really cool part about this game is the pets – these little guys make things really interesting. When you complete levels successfully you continuously increase the power of your pets, and the more powerful they are, the more of each board they can clear of for you when utilized correctly. When you collect all three stars on each board you also have the potential to unlock new pets. The more pets you have, and the more powerful they are, the quicker you’ll be able to unlock new levels. Success breeds success so to speak.

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Rainbowtail: Puzzle RPG | Match 3 with Monsters


Pros and Cons


  • Fun match three game play
  • Multiple levels to unlock
  • Can use the power of pets to clear boards
  • No ads


  • Unlocking new levels may require you to complete the same boards multiple times
  • Contains in-app purchases

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you love the match three genre of games you’ll love Rainbowtail: Match-3 RPG. This game has all the features you’re used to in this gaming niche, but it also introduces a pets feature which makes the game a little more interesting. This one is a lot of fun and is worth adding to your iDevice. 

Rainbowtail: Puzzle RPG | Match 3 with Monsters

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