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Textpert app review: become a wordsmith instantly



Do you sometimes find yourself struggling for the right words when you compose text messages to that special person? The Textpert app for iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created to help you improve the quality of your text messages in a big way. This is a social-based app where you'll be getting text advice from a community of users just like you, who sometimes need a little help with the right thing to say to that potential mate or your significant other. You could find yourself getting responses from the community almost instantly and don't forget you get to provide the same kind of help for other users.

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Textpert - Anonymous texting advice


Ask for Help

There is absolutely no harm in asking for help but finding that help can be tricky. The Textpert app has been created as a place people can seek help and advice on how to form that perfect text whether it be a question, a response, or just a casual message. The app uses crowd-sourced advice and it works two-ways, as you can also offer the advice. Just take a screenshot of the text conversation and then share it with the community. You can expect the answers and advice to roll in almost right away.

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The Textpert app requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and is free. It has just been updated with a few minor changes that just make the app a bit easier and smoother to use. This one currently has an impressive 4.5 out of five stars from users but no customer comments at this point.

Enjoy Better Conversations

Thanks to the Textpert app you may just find yourself enjoying even better conversations than ever before. Perhaps you need help chatting with the person who you have a crush on, maybe you are in a tense conversation and are looking for advice on how to proceed, or maybe you just want to be sure that you come across clear in your conversation. Having that third party input can make a huge difference and can point out factors you may not have even noticed or considered. By wording your text correctly it may also get you that all-important first date or ensure that a second date happens.

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The Textpert app acts as your own personal dating assistant, something people can really use from time to time. This one is also very easy to use so that you can focus on the conversation.

Textpert - Anonymous texting advice


Pros and Cons


  • This is a crowd-sourced advice app
  • Take a screenshot of your conversation and ask for help
  • This one is meant for dating advice
  • The Textpert app is user-friendly
  • Give back to the community by providing advice to others


  • There had been some minor performance issues, all of which have been fixed

Final Thoughts

The Textpert app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can prove to be invaluable for those looking for advice when it comes to dating. It’s a great way to access an unbiased opinion quickly and easily.


Textpert - Anonymous texting advice

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