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Mad Cow’s Maze app review: challenging labyrinth inspired game



Mad Cow’s Maze by Dariusz Bukowski is a labyrinth style maze game that will challenge your mind and keep you coming back for more. No two games are the same which makes Mad Cow’s Maze a never ending challenging like no other maze style game you’ve ever played before. To make things even more interesting you can collect coins along the way and, of course, you’ll want to stay away from the minotaurs! This is a great little game that will challenge you every time you boot it up. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPad.

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Mad Cows' Maze - Find a way out of the dark labyrinth


Solving the Labyrinth

The App Store is filled with puzzle and matching games, but that doesn’t aptly describe what Mad Cow’s Maze is – this is something a little different. Yes you do have to solve the maze, but to do it you have to navigate your way through it courtesy of a virtual joystick and a little bit of luck. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely fun and it really challenges you to think about every move you make. This game employs a classic overhead view that will leave you with a feeling of deja-vu for a bygone era of gaming.

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There are no ads or other distractions to get in the way of the game play in this one which is unfortunately not the norm these days. There are however in-app purchases – you can purchase extra jewels and coins, although it’s not necessary to enhance your game play experience. The biggest issue you’re likely to come across in this one is that the game controls can be a little frustrating. Virtual joysticks are never the easiest way to control a game and the same applies in this one – the game simply doesn’t always react the way you want it to. This app will require 94.8 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How to Play

Mad Cow’s Maze features an ever changing labyrinth that you have to use a virtual joystick to navigate your way through, all the while collect coins and jewels, and avoiding the enemy minotaurs along the way. If you tap anywhere on the screen a virtual joystick will appear on the screen and you can use this like any other joystick to move your character around the maze. The faster you move though, the easier it is for the minotaurs to find you – presumably because of the noise you’re making, so it’s normally best to proceed with caution. As you work your way through the maze you can collect treasure along the way in the form of coins and jewels that the minotaurs will do anything to protect. Each level is just a little bit more challenging than the next one.  

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Mad Cows' Maze - Find a way out of the dark labyrinth


Pros and Cons


  • Every game is a different from the last
  • No ads
  • Challenging and fun


  • Contains in-app purchases
  • Joystick is sometimes difficult to control

Final Words

Mad Cow’s Maze is a unique game featuring a constantly changing maze that will challenge you every step of the way. As you make a run for the end you’ll have to avoid the minotaurs as you go, and collect as many coins and jewels as you can. This is a game anyone in the family will enjoy. 


Mad Cows' Maze - Find a way out of the dark labyrinth

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