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QuickReport app review: a reporting tool for business owners



Are you constantly needing to create the same reports repeatedly and looking for a way to streamline the process to save you time and hassle?  The QuickReport app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone may be exactly what you need. This one makes it possible to create a report that you can then use on a recurring basis. Everything about this business app has been created with the user in mind and therefore you'll find it to be quick, simple and easy to move through.

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Making Your Job Simpler

As a business owner, or someone who constantly needs to be able to put together reports and share them the QuickReport app has been created for you. Use this app to create all kinds of different reports, you'll be able to customize the design on each one. You can set up just about any type of report you can think of. This is meant for recurring reports that you use regularly so that you can set up a template of sorts to work from. The user interface is very basic so that moving through the app is never a problem.

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The QuickReport app has just been updated with a small bug fix so that its smoother than ever before. This one doesn't yet have a customer rating or any customer comments. It requires iOS 8.1 or later to use. The app is free to download.

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Features Included

The QuickReport app comes with a number of features and tools, all of which are easy to use. This app is described as a "smart solution", which describes it perfectly. Use the thumbwheels for easy data entry, store your reports, let the app do calculations for you, all data is stored on the Cloud, and there are 13 different fields you can set up in your report. What's great is that other people can access the data if you choose just by using the QuickReport website. This can make your job much more streamlined especially if you often work out of the office or have clients/employees that are spread out and not in one single location.

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While there aren't many added bells and whistles to this app, this has been done on purpose. The idea is that you can launch the app, understand how to use it, navigate, and make use of it immediately.

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Pros and Cons


  • The QuickReport app is user-friendly and simple to navigate
  • The user interface is basic yet effective
  • You can personalize the reports to work for your needs
  • You can share content on the reports
  • All data is stored on the Cloud to keep it safe
  • Data entry is quick and easy


  • There are no added bells and whistles
  • There had been an issue with a bug, which has now been fixed

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Final Words

The QuickReport app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created for those looking for a simple approach to creating reports. As long as you don’t demand a variety of advanced features and tools, and you're not expecting it to be one of the top business apps, then this app should be able to do the trick. 


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