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Turbo Talk for Tinder app review: lets you connect with more matches than ever on Tinder



Turbo Talk for Tinder by 1747651 Alberta Ltd is a powerful companion app for the Tinder app. While Tinder works great all by itself, this app allow you to connect with more matches than ever before in a much shorter period of time. There are a lot of other people online using Tinder, so if you don’t want to get beat to the perfect match you need every advantage you can get. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It's also featured in our Best iPhone apps for Tinder list

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Turbo AutoLiker for Tinder (USA) - Genie Match Up Boost Plus Liker Date Tools And More Tips


Tinder with Turbo Power

The popularity of Tinder is well documented – this is an app that took the world by storm in 2012 and in three short years it’s become a household name. It’s based on a simple concept, swipe right to like a potential match, and left to pass on them. If they like you back, you’re notified of the potential match and the two of you can then connect. It seems pretty straight forward, so why the need for Turbo Talk for Tinder? This app can automate the process of communicating with potential matches so that you never miss out. It’s a simple addition with a lot of potential.

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Turbo Talk for Tinder does what it sets out to do. It really can automate the process of connecting with dozens of potential matches within a short period of time, but keep in mind you will eventually have to take over the process if you ever intend to make a real connection. The other big problem with this app is that it’s not really free. The free version does allow you to access all of the apps features, but it will only work for a 24 hour period. After that you’ll have to upgrade to Turbo Talk Pro or you’ll be no longer able to use the app. This app will require 5.5 MB of available space on your iOS device.

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The Essentials

Before you can use Turbo Talk for Tinder you’ll have to make sure you have an existing Tinder account – otherwise this app won’t be of much use to you. If you are a current Tinder user, this app really does have the potential to make your Tinder experience much better. There are a couple of key advantages that you’ll gain by using Turbo Talk for Tinder.

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Firstly, this app can send out a personalized message to every potential match you’ve been connected with, without you having to lift a finger. In the dating game you may only have a short period of time before that potential match moves on to someone else so this is definitely a big deal. The other thing the app can do for you is to send out the message to potentially hundreds of matches at the same time – there’s no way you could respond to hundreds of people by yourself. It’s just too bad that the free version only lasts 24 hours – that’s not a lot of time to evaluate a product or service.

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Turbo AutoLiker for Tinder (USA) - Genie Match Up Boost Plus Liker Date Tools And More Tips


Pros and Cons


  • Powerful automated match communication tool for Tinder
  • Full and complete access to all features for 24 hours
  • Saves a lot of time for busy people


  • Free version only allows access for 24 hours
  • Eventually you have to take over the process to make a real connection

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Final Words

If you’re a busy person with very little free time Turbo Talk for Tinder may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. This app can communicate with hundreds of potential matches for you automatically. Unfortunately the free version only gives you access to the app for 24 hours. If you decide you like the app you will have to pay to continue using it with an in-app purchase. 

Turbo AutoLiker for Tinder (USA) - Genie Match Up Boost Plus Liker Date Tools And More Tips

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