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Mazlo app review: a dating app that doesn't waste your time



If you’ve ever tried to dip your toes in the online dating world you’re probably well aware that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of options to choose from. In such a crowded market how do you know which app or site is right for you. On top of that, it’s hard to tell on most dating sites how real a profile is and you don’t want to waste your time connecting with someone who’s just online to satisfy a little curiosity.

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The problem is people often create a profile on a dating site and then quickly lose interest. With Mazlo, profiles incorporate a unique rating system which makes it easier to determine which profiles are worth your time, and which ones are not. This is a free iPad and iPhone dating app.

mazlo dating


The Latest News When it Happens

If you’ve tried Tinder or one of the dozens of other dating apps available such as Hinge, you may have come away a little disappointed. These apps certainly have some great features, but they don’t really have a method for filtering out the profiles of members that aren’t really taking the experience seriously. Mazlo is an app designed to address this problem directly. Essentially, the more you put into your profile the better chance you have of finding a great match. It’s a unique concept that has the potential to make online dating a lot more rewarding.

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Like most dating apps this one’s only as good as the people that use it. This app could be potentially more popular where you live, but I found very few potential matches in my geographical area. No matter how good of an app it may have the potential to be, it’s of no use if there are no potential matches around you. On the positive side this app has a great interface – it’s smooth and intuitive to use. There are no ads, and the only in-app purchase gives you the ability to reset your profile and start again so there isn’t much risk in trying the app out for yourself. This app will require 31.7 MB of available space on your iOS device.

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The Essentials

Mazlo uses your existing Facebook profile as the basis for your account. From here you can add a few details to your profile, and the more information you add the more highly rated your profile will be. Anyone using the app can see your rating and make their own determination if you’re worthwhile connecting with or not. Once you’ve made a connection other users can leave feedback on you – voting on whether or not you’re a good potential match or not. This will have a direct effect on the ratings found next to your profile. The other cool feature of Mazlo is Maz live. This feature allows you to see potential matches that are within 100 feet of you – so if you’re out on the town you can find other Mazlo users nearby.

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mazlo dating


Pros and Cons


  • Smooth and intuitive user interface
  • Allows users to rate potential matches
  • Includes a feature called Maz live for connecting with people that are less than 100 feet away


  • Contains in-app purchases
  • Appears to have a limited database of users

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Final Words

Mazlo is a dating app with the potential to change the online dating world. This app allows users to rate and provide feedback on other users so that future users can determine if they’re a potentially good match or not. This really is a great app, but until more people sign up its limited database of users is a major deterrent.

mazlo dating

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