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MailTime app review: Email through a Messenger Platform 2021



Do you currently use Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, or AOL as your email provider? If so you will want to check out the MailTime iPhone app for emails.

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This iPhone email management app  makes it possible to email in a messenging type platform. This iPhone email app features some impressive technology that transforms emails into more of a text experience.

And not to worry, if your friends don’t have the MailTime app it will still work for you and you can still take advantage of the many features and benefits to using it. Let's dig deeper to see if it's one of the best email apps for iPad and iPhone users. 

MailTime - Email Messenger for Gmail,Yahoo,Outlook


A Modern Approach to Emailing

The MailTime app is filled with modern technology that really enhances your email experience in a big way. It's able to support multiple email accounts such as the ones mentioned above as well as, iCloud, Hotmail, 126 and 163 Mail services, and QQ.

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To ensure you're as productive as you want to be it's also possible to attach files from a variety of sources such as Box, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, MailTime, and One Drive.

The idea is that the app makes emailing as quick, smooth, and easy as texting is and as mentioned your friends don’t even have to have the app installed in order for you to use it.

The app has just gone through a few different updates that addressed stability issues and some bug fixes. The app currently has a perfect five star rating from users who have called it "good" and very helpful. The app is free to download and then you can set up a MailTime Account with an in-app purchase of $0.99.

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An Array of Features

The MailTime app manages to keep users happy with its impressive array of features such as using messaging bubbles for your emails.

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You can always view the original message any time you want just by tapping on the bubble. Adding an attachment has never been easier as it requires just one tap, as does opening attachments you've been sent.

Another fun feature is the "too long" warning. If the MailTime app senses that your email is too long, it will let you know. Not to worry you can still send it at any length, you may just want to know if it's getting long.

A big draw of this app is the smart inbox that will actually get to know you, your habits, and your behavior. The results are that it is able to sort the mail for you.

An Array of Features image

MailTime - Email Messenger for Gmail,Yahoo,Outlook


Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly
  • It works with a number of large email providers
  • You can add attachments
  • Respond to emails with one quick tap
  • The inbox is “smart” in that it gets to know you


  • There had been some stability issues as well as minor bugs, all of which have been fixed.

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The MailTime app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is the way to go if you’re ready for a modern, sleek, and productive approach to emailing that is nothing like you’ve used in the past. This might just be the best email app for iPhone or iPad that you've never heard of. 

MailTime - Email Messenger for Gmail,Yahoo,Outlook

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