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Leap app review: one app for all your social media needs



If you're anything like me you've probably been using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook for years now, and you're probably pretty comfortable with navigating your way around these apps. These are great tools to keep you up-to-date with friends, family, and the world around you but it's too bad you have to jump from app to app to find the information you're looking for. Well now you don't, with Leap by Jonathan Lam you can access all of your favorite social media tools in one convenient app. It's compatible with all of the major social media apps, and works very well. This app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Leap - Your Favorite Social Networks in ONE (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MORE) with Automatic Scrolling


Make the Leap to Synchronized Social Media

Leap isn't the first app to attempt to synergize different social media apps, but most of the ones I've tried come up very short. Generally what you run into with apps trying to synchronize multiple different social media platforms is a very disjointed experience. It might work well for one or two social media networks, but it will often distort others. It's rare that you find an app that works well on multiple different social media platforms. Leap does a pretty good job of this.

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While Leap does have some great features, there are some issues with this app. It does include ads in the form of banner ads along the top of the app, and these are quite distracting. There's also a bit of a lag when opening a social media application from within the app. It's not a major lag, so not a major concern, but it's definitely there. On the positive side, it's amazing how well each different application works within this one app. For most apps that you can use within Leap you'll hardly tell the difference between the standalone app and this integrated one. It's that good. This app will require 75.1 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How It Works

When you open the app for the first time you'll be required to choose at least a minimum of six different social media applications that you will use with this app. Until you do this you won't be able to continue. Once you've done this you'll have to login on each separate application from within the app before you can begin to use the integrated service. The login for each separate application is the same as it always is on the standalone app.

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The main menu of the app features large buttons that you can tap on to enter the different social media applications. It's clean, easy-to-read, and friendly to the eye. The only other thing you'll really find on this main application menu is a settings icon in the bottom right corner that you can use to adjust the tools you use within each application. Tap on an application to use it you'll have access to full functionality. Everything you can do in the standalone app you can do within Leap. In fact, it even adds a couple of extra tools such as a top button that will take you back to the top of your stream, and an option to return to your last post position so you never lose your place. These are a couple of great features that really add to your social media experience.

Leap - Your Favorite Social Networks in ONE (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MORE) with Automatic Scrolling


Pros and Cons


  • Allows full integration of all your main social media streams
  • Great user interface
  • Each social media feed works as it should


  • Includes ads
  • There is a bit of a lag when opening a social media application

Final Words

Leap is a great social media integration tool. It allows you to bring all of your favorite social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and YouTube to get in one place. This is an app you definitely want to check out if you’re a social media fan.


Leap - Your Favorite Social Networks in ONE (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MORE) with Automatic Scrolling

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