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Free Video Call, YeeCall app review: a feature-rich video conference calling app-2020



With a video call app like FaceTime or Skype, our world has become just a little bit smaller. We can now communicate with friends and family even when they’re halfway across the world bringing them live via a video call app for iPhone right into our homes and our workplaces.

The best video chat apps for the iPhone

These are great apps that feature high-quality video and sound and for many people they have all the features they’ll ever need, but for those that would like a little more interaction during their video calls these popular apps are somewhat limited. You can’t doodle on pictures on the fly to make them a little more fun and interesting, and you can’t participate in group video calls. 

Free Video Call, YeeCall is an iPhone video call app designed to change all that. This app is packed full of features that will turn your video call experience into a fun and exciting new world. Let's examine this app further in our video call app review. Also, check out our best free conference apps for more great options. 

YeeCall Messenger


Full Featured Video Calls

Face Time has become the go to video call app for iOS devices. It’s free and easy to use with high quality video and sound – the only problem is, it’s not much use to you if your friends and family don’t have iOS devices.  In this video call app review you will know how to start a group with family, friends, teammates or co-workers up to 10000 people. Send Funny messages you want to share instantly with iPhone video call app.

Best iphone and ipad apps

If you’re trying to communicate with someone that has an Android device or Windows device you’re normally best to go with Skype – again this is a great app with high-quality video and sound, and it will allow you to do a few extras such as share photos, share your location, and share other web content with your friends and family.

As great as these two apps are they simply don’t have the full range of features you’ll find in Free Video Call, YeeCall.

Perhaps the biggest drawback with the YeeCall app is that it’s fairly new – most of your friends and family have probably never heard of it and probably aren’t using it. So if you’re going to take advantage of all the features available within this app you’re going to have to convince a few friends and family to start using it as well. The other problem I had with this app is that you do have to provide them with your mobile phone number in order to get a verification code – these type of requirements always make me a little nervous about privacy.

After doing a little investigation I was confident this app is completely aboveboard and proceeded with the verification process. What did impress me about this app is that it really is completely free – there are no ads and no in app purchases. This app will require 28.3 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Full Featured Video Calls image

How It Works

When you open up the app the first time you’ll be asked to create a user account and you can do this with or without linking it to your Facebook account. As we mentioned above, you do have to provide your mobile phone number during the sign-up process in order to receive a verification code. This only takes a couple of seconds and then you can get on with using the app.

You will also have to allow the app permission to send notifications, use your microphone, and access your contacts in order for it to work properly.

This truly is an awesome app with a ton of features. Perhaps one of the coolest features is that it will actually touch up your face taking out any blemishes you may have and even slimming it down to make you at your best – you don’t have to use this feature, but it’s a nice option to have.

You then have the option to invite friends to use the app with you via your contacts, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, or QQ – obviously the apps no good until you have someone to talk to so this is a must.

Once you’re all set up and you’ve managed to convince some friends and family to join you on YeeCall you can explore all of the apps features.

What can you do with this app?

You can use it for conference calls with multiple contacts where you can share the latest business information including pictures and graphs, and you can even draw on these graphs to emphasize key points. If you beat your spouse to the restaurant you may even want to take a picture of the menu and show it to your spouse so that you can order ahead of time for them.

You can also share your travels with friends and family in real time so that they can experience the wonder of the world’s greatest sites along with you. And perhaps the best feature is the ability to send doodles to friends and family which they can add to in real time and you’ll see the changes appear before your eyes – as you do this you can talk to each other and comment on the picture.

How It Works image

YeeCall Messenger


Pros and Cons


  • Includes high-quality video and sound
  • Able to video conference with multiple people at the same time
  • Includes the ability to share photos and draw on those photos to emphasize key points
  • Also includes a doodle feature which you and your contact can create together in real time
  • You can beautify your video image by removing blemishes and slimming down your appearance


  • This is a relatively new app which most people are not yet familiar with
  • Contacts have to have the app as well in order for you to communicate with them

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Free Video Call, YeeCall is one of the best video conference calling apps you’ll find in the App Store. It’s full of cool features including the ability to enhance your appearance, doodle on photos you share, and even collaborate on doodles in real time with a contact.

This is simply one of the most comprehensive video communication apps available today and as more people become aware of the app it’s bound to become very popular.

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YeeCall Messenger

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