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GUI Speedometer app review: take your cars speedometer to another level



Have you ever dreamed of driving an expensive sports car? One thing that all expensive sports car feature is an impressive speedometer. Watching the speedometer climb as you hit the gas pedal can be an intoxicating feeling – you just want to be sure you don’t get too excited and get caught with a speeding ticket. If you’re not satisfied with the standard speedometer that comes with your car, or your speedometer has stopped working, then GUI Speedometer may be exactly the app that you’re looking for. This app features a beautiful heads up display speedometer, with a built-in clock, weather updates, and one touch access to your music library. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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GUI Speedometer


Need for Speed

Using your iOS device as a speedometer is a very unique idea and there are actually quite a few apps in the App Store that provide the same sort of service. Most of these do one thing and one thing only though – they act as a basic speedometer. What gives GUI Speedometer a bit of an edge are the other features that are included in this app. In today’s world we’ve grown accustomed to having access to a lot of information at our fingertips, this app caters to our lofty expectations.

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I do have a couple of criticisms of this app. First of all the screen is simply very busy because of all the information that’s on it – that can be a little distracting if you’re try to concentrate on the road. Right on the main screen of the app there’s a classic speedometer, a clock, a digital speedometer, and a mini music player – that’s a lot of information all in one place to process. The other thing I didn’t like about this app is that it does include ads, which you can remove with an in-app purchase. This app will require 10.6 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How It Works

The app works by using your devices built-in location services feature and GPS technology to calculate how fast you’re traveling, you’ll need to make sure you’ve enabled the app to access your location services in your devices settings. Once you’ve done this it’s simply a matter of opening up the app, fitting it on your dashboard, firing up that ignition, and hitting the gas pedal. As you drive you’ll see the devices speedometer function move accordingly – it’s highly accurate.

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If you wish to use the music player built-in to this app you simply tap on the music icon at the top right, tap on one of your songs and hit done. Once you return to the main menu you can simply tap on play and the song will begin to play – it works pretty well, but it’s a pretty distracting process to try and accomplish while you’re driving. It’s probably best to leave that to a passenger.

GUI Speedometer


Pros and Cons


  • Works with your devices location services to provide accurate speedometer readings
  • Includes a classic speedometer as well as a digital display
  • Includes a built-in clock
  • Also includes a built-in music player


  • Includes ads
  • The display is a little cluttered

Final Words

GUI Speedometer is a decent speedometer app for your iOS device. With this app you have access to both a classic speedometer view as well as a digital display. This app is especially useful if there’s something wrong with your car’s built-in speedometer, otherwise it seems a little redundant. It generally works pretty well – and it can do the job as a replacement speedometer.


GUI Speedometer

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