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Raw Attraction app review


Raw Attraction

Price: Free

Raw Attraction by Inspired Publications Ltd is a magazine for the iPad that is tailor-made to help men with the opposite sex.

This magazine is all about improving your luck and dating life with the ladies.

Raw Attraction has a motto: its goal is to help men learn to be themselves by being true to their values, being honest with themselves and others, expecting to be treated with respect, and showing that same respect to others. It's about empowering men and giving them the confidence to be in control of their inner being.

Stories are written by a number of exciting writers who have a knack with words and really cover the hot topics of dating. You can read up on how to attract that woman you are looking for, how to get into a relationship with her, and how to stay successful in that relationship.

The app itself feels like a magazine, allowing you to flip through the pages. The articles feature amazing photos, just like a real magazine, so you feel as though you've got one in your hands. Of course it's easy to use and is absolutely packed with information and tips. The question is whether or not you find the content useful, which is really a personal thing.

New articles are added so there's plenty to read through and learn from. If you find yourself really enjoying the magazine you'll want to pick up on a subscription.

Raw Attraction was released in early November, 2012. The magazine is available in many languages and is for people 17 and older. The app currently has 13 ratings with an average score of 4.5 out of five. Feedback is all positive.

I’m not a man so this magazine isn’t really helpful to me, but I found the articles really informative, well-written, and edited well. Try it today.

For: iPad with iOS 5.0 or later

Raw Attraction Magazine


Raw Attraction Magazine


Raw Attraction Magazine

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