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IF by IFTTT app review: connect all your favorite apps 2021



There’s a good chance you have a few apps or social media sites that you visit on a regular basis. How would you like a way to connect all these apps you love into one streamlined experience? That’s exactly what the IF by IFTTT app offers for users as evident by all of the positive IFTTT reviews.

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This home screen app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is classed as a productivity tool for users. It makes it possible to connect such apps as Fitbit, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Dropbox, Twitter, and plenty more.

It eally opens the door to increased and improved functionality like you’ve never experienced before. Connecting these apps is called a "recipe" and the possibilities seem endless as you delve into this iPhone app for customizing your home screen. Check out our IFTTT app review for more details.

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A New Way to Use Apps

The IF by IFTTT app is really about giving users a new way to use their apps and a new way to start looking at their mobile device. The developer is IFTTT and isn't new when it comes to creating productivity tools. Other offerings include DO Button, Do Camera, and DO Note. While each of these is unique and useful it's the IF app that has been given an "Editor's Choice" designation on iTunes.

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The developers started the whole movement back in 2011 and the connections were dubbed as recipes. In fact IFTTT can be described as a web-based service that is free to use. You put together what is called chains of conditional statements, which is the recipe.

These chains create the whole chain reaction if you will of what happens when you make changes in one place, and how it affects the next link in the chain. Perhaps you've heard of the concept of "If This Then Than", which is exactly what IFTTT stands for.

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How Does it Help You?

Of course the IF app is only successful if it offers a service of value for users, so does it manage to do this? The short answer is a resounding yes. As the developer explains "we connect your favorite apps, so they work best for you".

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You can expect to be more productive, keep in touch with loved ones easier, connect with your home, stay healthier, get news alerts, and even become a smarter shopper. It’s hard to believe one single app is capable of all this, but that is where you need to start looking at IF in a different light. It’s not about just one app, it’s about connecting all kinds of apps into one.

Let's take a closer look at how the app helps. If you've got your home set up with smart technology then you can do things such as turn on the lights remotely, turn on your alarm, turn on your sprinkler, and even get the coffee machine started all from the IF app. Suddenly your home is working for you and your life is a whole lot easier.

You may wonder how IF can help you get healthier? Well it can do things such as track your various activities and exercise so you get a snapshot of your overall health.

Maybe you want to set up a reminder to work out, perhaps you'd like to get personalized sleep schedule, then again maybe you want the cold hard facts in terms of a summary of your activities. The sky is the limit here.

One downfall as people read about the app is that it can come across a bit intimidating. You may be reading about it wondering if you need to be some kind of programmer yourself in order to write these recipes.

They are actually very easy to work out on your own, and if you don't feel comfortable right away you can use other people's recipes. Chances are you’ll find someone else has already created the recipe you want, which means the work is already done for you.

Browsing through other recipes is also a great idea to get some ideas of ones that may work in your life. The app makes it really easy to check out other recipes, you can view the most popular ones, or you can do a more specific search.

If you feel you want to take on a recipe on your own, the app walks you through the process helping you out, and basically making it smooth and simple.

When you first launch the app you will need to create an account, but not to worry this is free. In order to be able to connect apps, you will also be sharing information between the different apps. While most people don’t have a problem with this, it’s still important to be aware of.

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Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to create your own connections between apps, which is called recipes
  • You can borrow recipes from other users if you prefer
  • Setting up a recipe is straight-forward and simple
  • The app can help you be more productive and organized in all kinds of ways
  • You can "automate" all kinds of things from the app
  • This can be useful for personal and business
  • The app is free to use


  • IF will require you to share information among apps
  • You need to create an account to use the app
  • There were some minor bugs and problems, which have been corrected

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The Final Verdict

When it comes to the IF by IFTTT app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone there is no question that this one is well worth the download. Because it’s free you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try. Try playing around, making some recipes, borrowing some, and just get a feel for how it can impact your life and in what ways. There’s a good chance you’ll be left impressed and rather addicted to it.


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