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Waay app review: brush up on your music theory 2021



Writing music can be a wonderful past-time, then again it may be your career. Whatever the reason may be, if you plan on writing music then you need to be aware of the basics of music theory.

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Taking a class on music theory may not be in your budget, maybe you don’t have the time available, or perhaps you have taken a class in the past and just want to learn a bit more. The Waay app can help you by teaching you all the basics, and then some, when it comes to music theory.

This music theory app teaches applied music theory—stuff you can take straight to your instrument and use. Want to know what notes sound good together? This app covers that in the first course called "Melodies." It has lessons from advanced music theory to music theory for beginners. 

Use this app on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and without having to spend a fortune. Keep reading our Waay app review for more details on this great utility and also check out our best music theory apps list for more great options.

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Waay: Learn music theory


More Than a Learning App

The Waay app is useful in so many different ways. Yes, it will help you learn about music theory, but it can also help you to complete songs by finding that perfect chord to use and match up with others. It can give you the tools and knowledge you need to take a rather average sounding song and turn it into something truly memorable and beautiful.

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Not to worry, it’s not going to feel like some boring classroom lecture. Instead, you’ll be learning through all kinds of interactive exercises, lessons taught through engaging videos, and there are a series of tools that will be able to track your progress. It gives a whole new take on music theory that is engaging and fresh.

Using a combination of bite-size video lessons and interactive exercises, Waay takes you from the basics of notes, steps, and keys all the way through chords, chord progressions, from advanced music theory to music theory for beginners.

Another aspect of this app is the fact the lessons are all short and to the point. This means they keep your interest and you don't feel overwhelmed by the content.Of course music theory can be applied to all kinds of different instruments, making this app all the more versatile.

If you find yourself using more than one device don’t worry as the app syncs across all your devices. This makes it easy to pick up where you last left off with your lessons.

More Than a Learning App image

Two Main Sections

The Waay app has been divided into two main areas of content which are the chords, and the melodies. The course that covers the melodies is free with the app. This course features nine interactive exercises and eight different video lessons.

You'll learn about scale building, intervals, steps, notes, song writing and so much more. In the chords section of the app you'll get 11 interactive exercises and eight video lessons. The chords training is an in-app purchase priced at $4.99.Here you will learn about the minor and major scales, chord foundations, song writing, and how to build chords.

What seems to be obvious is that the developers wanted this to feel different than a typical class in music theory. The goal to keep things fresh and exciting is evident and customers are making plenty of comments about it.

"Learning is about practice, but practice needs to be fresh and exciting," says Ten Kettles Inc., the Waay app developer. "Waay generates dynamic music theory exercises that are new every time."

And just further proof that Ten Kettles Inc. is aware of what customers want, they go on to state that "each music theory lesson is just a few minutes long, letting you get back to the exercises fast."

Ten Kettles is based out of Toronto, Canada, and is responsible for music-based apps that all have an educational approach. They are original apps that aim to make learning engaging, fun, and user-friendly.

The founder is a musician, engineer, researcher, and teacher. It's this unique combination that gave Alex Andrews the idea and know-how to put it all together.

Navigating through the app has been made to be simple, intuitive, and fast. This allows the focus to stay on the educational experience, which is really what it’s all about. Its modern and sleek user interface make it seem all the more relevant and fun to use.

The latest updates improved navigational features, added new courses, fixed bugs and made things more stable.

Two Main Sections	 image

Waay: Learn music theory


Don’t Forget the Tracking

Let’s not forget to take a look at the tracking tools built into this app. They offer a way to track your progress, which motivates you and proves just how far you’ve come. The developer saw this as a really big aspect of the app and an absolute must-have since it is a training tool.

"Use Waay's built-in tracking tools to keep track of your daily points, practice time, and recent music theory achievements," says Ten Kettles.

It’s as though you’ve got your own private instructor keeping track of all the details of your lessons, yet for a fraction of the cost of that private instructor.

Don’t Forget the Tracking image

Pros and Cons


  • Learn about music theory in an engaging and user-friendly way
  • It takes a fresh approach on teaching/training
  • Learn about chords and melodies
  • The user interface is sleek and modern
  • Navigating the app is a breeze
  • There are tracking tools to monitor your progress
  • The app can sync across all your devices


  • Some of the content requires an in-app purchase
  • It would be great to see even more content added in future versions of the app

The Final Verdict

As you start to make your way around the Waay app it is obvious that this has been made by someone with an appreciation and knowledge of music theory. The developer has taken great pains to ensure this is a useful tool for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and has taken a fresh approach to teaching music theory.

The mixture of the interactive exercises and teaching videos keep users engaged and well-informed. Whether you have some basic knowledge of music theory, are looking for a way to supplement your current classes, or are starting from scratch, this is a great app to check out.

Waay: Learn music theory

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