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Explain Everything™ Collaborative Whiteboard app review: increase your productivity-2020



There are all kinds of apps dedicated to helping you when it comes to education but those that feature a productivity element to them tend to stand out. That’s where the Explain Everything app deserves a mention. This whiteboard app is meant specifically for your iPad as it takes advantage of the large amount of screen space it has.

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Use this whiteboard for teachers app to access projects, files that you can edit, and share them. What a great way to work on a group project, assignment, or task. You can go ahead and join in on a real-time session, or you can set up your own for others to join.

It’s ideal for the business world too as you can collaborate with team members and clients no matter where anyone is located. Check out this Explain Everything app review for more details. 

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Explain Everything Whiteboard


Make Use of the Free Trial

While this app is free to download you can only use it for free for a limited time. When you download the Explain Everything™ Collaborative Whiteboard app you can use the entire thing, including the premium features, for free for 30 days. This is the perfect opportunity for newbies to try it out. After your free trial finishes, you can then pick a monthly or yearly package to continue on with.

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The app has been developed by Explain Everything sp. z o.o., which is in fact a team of people. The team features learners, artists, and innovators who joined up to offer users "creativity-inspiring applications" such as this one.

Up to now, the app has enjoyed more than two million downloads, so clearly the developers knew what they were doing. With offices in New York City and Wroclaw, Poland, they also have a unique way of looking at things and bringing different ideas together.

"Looking back, this turned out to be the perfect blend of hobbyist enthusiasm, technology, and education," said the team.

The app has been around since late 2011 and since that time it has continued to enjoy growth as far as downloads go. In just one year it hit more than 100,000 downloads. "We have seen an increasing download pace ever since (2011) and currently the download rate is about 100,000 per month," said Bartosz Gonczarek.

"We have been constantly updating and improving the app since the very beginning (and occasionally bringing back features from PhotoPuppet), so this is also one of the reasons that iPad users have been choosing Explaining Everything and using it daily," said Piotr Śliwiński.

Explain everything app requires iOS 11.4 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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No Limits to Creation

The Explain Everything™ Collaborative Whiteboard app exemplifies the whole idea that there should be no limits to your creations. With this interactive whiteboard you can create, zoom in on the screen, pan around on the screen, animate, and then set up or join a collaboration in real-time with others.

Obviously, it's great from an education standpoint, but it's not just students making use of it. It's got a definite use for business as well and because it's so user-friendly there's no need for a training process.

Once you finish your project, you can upload it for others in the Explain Everything community to view. At the same time, you'll be able to browse through all the projects that others' have posted. It’s your opportunity to learn about exciting topics, further your knowledge in some areas, and keep yourself entertained in an educational way.

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Explain Everything Whiteboard


Features Galore

The Explain Everything app is absolutely loaded with features and tools all meant to make your life easier and more engaging. You can create slides with the app, add text, add shapes, use colors, images, videos, and even audio files.

Use this to put together a tutorial, a lesson, a guide, or even a presentation. Now when you are ready to share your project just know that those you share it with can actually save it so they can refer back to it. It works in reverse as well. Sharing is really the backbone of this app. Content can be saved to your device or the Cloud.

All the tools you will be using can be found along the side and bottom of the screen. Not to worry, it doesn't clutter up the screen space, you'll still have plenty of white space for your project.

Because the app is so smooth and user-friendly it really encourages users to get creative, step out of their normal box of comfort, and try out various tools and features. While you can certainly draw with your finger, you will likely find the stylus tool is the best route to take.

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Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly and smooth
  • The tools are easily accessible
  • The app allows you to make full use of the iPad’s large screen size
  • Create then share your projects, animations, tutorials, guides, etc.
  • Collaborate in real-time with others
  • You can view the projects that other users have published
  • Content can be saved to your device or to the Cloud


  • The app is free for a trial period only
  • There had been some small problems and bugs, which have all been fixed
  • This one is only available on your iPad

The Writing Is On The Wall

The Explain Everything™ Collaborative Whiteboard app for your iPad is a great way to share ideas with others, as well as check out what others are publishing. Essentially it allows you to join a community filled with educational sharing opportunities.

You can collaborate in real-time with others, share your thoughts and ideas, and expand how you think about issues and topics. It’s an engaging and immersive experience that is just as much about the fun as it is about the learning. It would be great if it was available on more than just the iPad, opening the door to even more potential users.

Explain Everything Whiteboard

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