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Everypost app review: fast and easy social media postings for all your accounts 2021



Social media has become the center of our world – at least it has for most people these days. When we have exciting news to share with our friends and family the first place we run to is our social media accounts as it has the greatest potential for getting our message out there in the shortest possible time.

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The biggest problem we face is that not all of our friends and family prefer one social media app over another, which means we end up having to post multiple messages on several different platforms and it can be quite time consuming.

With the introduction of the Everypost app, you now have the ability to use one app to post to all of your favorite social media applications and save a lot of time. This is a free social media app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Check out our Every Post app review to see if this app is the right choice for you. Once you are done with the Everypost review, head over to some of our best of lists for more great options. 

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Everypost for Social Media


Everypost’s Beginnings

I’ve always found South America a little exotic and colorful so I wasn’t surprised to find out that the developers of this app hail from Argentina. It’s a country with a rich history and a reputation for beautiful things and this app definitely qualifies as a beautiful thing.

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The cofounders of this app are Fernando Cuscuela and Leondro Armas and before they came up with the concept for this app they struggled with social media apps just like the rest of us.

They first developed a content management system and then realized they could use it as a way to eliminate the frustrations that most of us face when trying to post to multiple social media accounts.

In order to be closer to the center of business innovation in the United States they’ve recently moved their operations to Miami.

As Cuscuela has noted managing our social media accounts has become a full-time job for many businesses – the problem with this is that it distracts us from our own core businesses and can become more trouble than it’s worth.

With the introduction of Everypost the problems associated with posting to multiple social media accounts have become much more manageable – thanks to the team of Cuscuela and Armas.

Everypost’s Beginnings image

Social Media like a Boss

Social media management systems are nothing new to the App Store, but apps like HootSuite offer limited posting options – Everypost expands upon those options and will even let you publish your own videos from YouTube.

To be a success in the social media arena you need to take advantage of every opportunity you can and that’s why Everypost is a must-have app for any business that understands the value of social media applications.

The great thing about this app is that they walk you through the process the first time you run it and they don’t leave anything to chance, but as much as I liked the app it wasn’t without its flaws.

For one thing the user interface uses a fairly small font and the icons are quite small as well – for anyone with vision limitations this may pose a problem. The other thing that’s a little disappointing is that you’re limited in the number of accounts that you can add to post to in this free version of the app.

In order to add more accounts you can upgrade to a subscription-based service that’s paid either monthly or yearly, but if you only have one account on each social media service this won’t be necessary. This app will require 26.9 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Social Media like a Boss image

Everypost for Social Media


Saving Time Is What It’s All about

When you use this app for the first time you’ll have to set up an account which is then used to connect all your various social media accounts together. For every single social media account that you want to be able to post to within the app you’ll also have to login and give the app permission to post on your behalf.

The first time you set it up it can be a little time consuming, but you only have to do this once and after that it’s very straightforward.

Once you have all of your social media accounts set up for use within the app, it becomes a very simple process. The main window of the app looks like a sort of basic text editor that you can use to type your message for sharing on your social media accounts. You can even add photos from your camera roll to your posts as well.

Once you’ve completed your message, sending it to your various social media accounts is very straightforward. Any account that you’ve added to the app will be visible in the top left corner and all you have to do is tap on the ones you want to post to and then tap on the send post icon in the top right corner, allow the post, and watch it go. It really couldn’t be much simpler.

If you want to add another social media account that you haven’t added yet all you have to do is tap on the add icon in the left-hand corner which is next to your active accounts. The app will then provide you with a list of available social media accounts and you can then tap on that account, login, and allow Everypost access to post on your behalf.

If you want to access posts you’ve already published within the app, or one’s you’ve already scheduled from publishing later, you can do this by tapping on the menu icon in the top left-hand corner. This brings up a separate menu with several different options – you can also delete postings you no longer want to use.

Saving Time Is What It’s All about image

Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to publish your own videos from YouTube
  • Lets you post to multiple social media accounts at the same time
  • Includes a simple text editor
  • You can post pictures from your camera roll as well
  • At any time you can access previous posts
  • Adding social media accounts is simple and straightforward


  • Interface has small fonts
  • Free version limits the number of accounts you can use on each social media service

Social Media Made Simple

Everypost has some shortcomings, but overall it’s a great little app that has the potential to make your life a lot easier. Posting the same message to multiple social media accounts can seem like a great big waste of time and with this app you no longer have to worry about that. It’s a straightforward and simple app to use and it does what it sets out to do – saves you time posting to social media. 

Everypost for Social Media

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