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Coached app review: learn to play like a baseball pro



Calling all those kids, parents, and coaches involved in baseball, if you're looking for a way to improve your player's, or your skills, then the baseball app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is becoming a popular option. Thanks to this app you’ll be able to access coaching tips and information straight from the actual professionals and even world champions. The app provides customized one-on-one video analysis, meaning it's information that will pertain to that particular player rather than just some vague tips.

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Through this unique offering you'll have access to professional players that have now retired as well as those who are active today. No matter who you choose as your coach they will share a common goal, helping you or your player to improve their game and increase their skill level. It's a different approach to learning instead of the typical practice or training session, but many players are finding that not only does this approach work, but it may even be better since so many of us are visual learners.

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Coached - Big League Baseball Training and Major Drills


A Convenient Approach

What helps the Coached app stand out is the fact it's a really convenient approach to training. Anyone can use this  baseball app, and anyone can get advice from the pros, and then try to apply that information to their own game. There's also the fact that it is extremely cost-effective when you look at the cost of private coaching/training sessions that you may have otherwise been considering. Of course if you were looking for your own session chances are you wouldn't be able to find a pro such as what is offered here.

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Some of the coaches here include Dave Eiland, Dale Sveum, Kevin Sietzer, Darnell COles, Gregg Jefferies, and a whole lot of others."Be confident and play inspired knowing you got feedback from baseball's best, the pros," says the developer, R.W. Sports LLC. Again, you're in control since you get to choose the pro you want the feedback from.

While this isn't the only offering from R.W. Sports LLC, it's certainly the only offering that provides coaching and training from them. Their other app - Rivalries Pickup Baseball - is a sports based app where you get to create your own team and then invite your friends to join and play. Clearly the developer has a firm grasp on what people are looking for in sports apps.

It's more than just personal coaching tips too, as there are also lessons and drills for users to access. "We currently have 18 drill videos by big league coaches Dale Sveum and Kevin Sietzer," says R.W. Sports LLC. “Listen to the best talk about how to hit the big league way."

Now, keep in mind if you want to make use of these videos this is an in-app purchase priced at $4.99 for the bundle. Combining this with the personalized coaching can drastically improve your, or your child’s game.

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How to Get Feedback

Using the app is really quite straight-forward. You start by shooting a video of the player, and then uploading it to the app. Next it's time to pick which pro you want to work with and get feedback from. Submit the video, which can be up to three six second long clips. There are even editing tools you can use in order to put your clips together in a uniform way.

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After the video has been submitted it takes on average about three days before you receive feedback. This is a pretty quick turnaround when you consider that feedback includes a frame-by-frame analysis of the content you sent in. It is fully voice narrated giving information, tips, and advice along the way.

You can go over this information as many times as you want thereby really soaking it in and learning from it. Another fun aspect is that you can keep track of your progress through the various videos you send in. This gives you a chance to see where you are improving and what areas still need attention.

"Parents, players and coaches send video(s) of your ballplayer’s swing or pitch to his favorite coach on the app," states R.W. Sports LLC. “Our coaches reply with a voice narrated, frame-by-frame breakdown of the original video, giving feedback on areas that need improvement.  The average wait time for feedback is only 3 days, but fluctuates based on demand.”

The app is being used by baseball players who have been playing for years and want to start seeing faster improvements, by parents who want to give their kids a helping hand but don’t want to spend a fortune on coaching/lessons, and by coaches too who are just looking for that little bit of assistance in training their team in an effective and interactive way that actually sinks in and sticks.

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Coached - Big League Baseball Training and Major Drills


Pros and Cons


  • Send in video clips of you or your child/player hitting, pitching, or catching and get personalized feedback from pros
  • The app can be used by players of any age and any skill level
  • You get to choose the pro that evaluates your video
  • Feedback is voice narrated on a frame-by-frame basis so it is in-depth
  • Track your progress through the different videos you submit
  • There are drills and lessons available through in-app purchases


  • Not all content is included for free in the download
  • The clips you send in are relatively short in length, it may not capture everything

Pros and Cons image

A Home Run

The Coached app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a fabulous and convenient way to get personalized feedback on how your baseball skills are looking so that you can improve them. Parents are loving this option, coaches are seeing the benefits as well, it seems like a win-win for all. The drills and lessons seem like they are well worth the added investment as it gives users a chance to take the feedback from the professionals and then apply it in useful exercises that will help to reinforce positive habits.

Coached - Big League Baseball Training and Major Drills

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