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Chek Tasks on a Timeline app review: ensures that you are always organized



If you've ever experienced that feeling of dread as you realize you've forgotten about an important task, or you just somehow got the deadline wrong, then you'll love this app. The Check Tasks on a Timeline app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and is meant to help you keep track of all your important tasks in a streamlined and simple manner. There is no need to spend hours trying to figure out all the features in tools in this app, it’s pretty much ready to be used from the moment you download it.

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While you may be looking at this app thinking it's only for work and business use, that's actually not true. This one is flexible and customizable so you can also use it for personal task tracking and even students can make use of it. It’s basically meant for anyone that wants to find a way to ensure projects, tasks, and important projects are always finished on time.

Chek | Tasks on a Timeline


A Universal Offering

With the Chek Tasks on a Timeline app the developers, Chek LLC, wanted to be sure that no-one was left out of the mix. Meaning they wanted to create an app that was universal and could be used in different ways, for different purposes, and by different people. It doesn't matter if you're tracking important business meetings and events or your homework assignments, it works for everyone.

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“Chek is focused on making everyone's lives more efficient by making sure you spend time on what matters,” says the developers. While this is just a new app still, created earlier this year, it seems to be hitting a chord with a lot of users.

Looking back at its history, the whole idea for the app started a couple of years ago in 2014. At that point, it was an app known as LavaLab and was created strictly to help students with keeping track of assignments, projects, and their homework. From there the idea continued to grow and turn into what is now known as Chek.

“With the iOS app live, and an Android version on the way, Chek is positioned to be the go-to platform when it comes to tracking homework and deadlines,” says its developers.

Its founders are Alex Ogorek and Jesse Rowe, who also ensure that Chek has a social presence through Facebook and Twitter.To make the app even more exciting it has just gone through an update that saw a few different improvements and changes. Customers had been asking for the ability to select more than one date at a time to schedule a task. They are now able to do that, which saves a lot of time and hassle.

Aiming to be Your New Favorite Tool

The Chek app is on a quest to become your new favorite tool and to ensure this happens it has packed all kinds of items into this one offering. Some items to point out before you even get started is that you'll be able to enjoy this app for free and with that said you won't even have to contend with ads. It's meant to work with iOS 8 and 9, so expect the best of the best when it comes to the graphics, user interface, and the general feel of it.

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When you launch the app the first time you can enter through Facebook, create a new account, or sign in with an existing account.From here you are taken to the main screen which will be blank if you’re launching it for the first time, or it will be filled with your tasks. Get started by adding a task right away and discover just how easy it is. When you create a new task keep in mind there are two minimum requirements. The task has to have a due date and must have a name. Anything more than that is up to you.

Customize how the task will appear and work for you by picking the due date and time, the start date and time, if it’s going to be shared with a group of others, pick the color the task will appear in, and set a reminder if you like. The task can be synced to your Google Calendar if you choose. Additional features include being able to see all of your upcoming tasks in one quick look, you can filter your tasks, you can see more than one week worth of tasks at a time, and plenty more.

For me it’s all about the clean user interface. I like that it feels professional enough that you could use it for work tasks, but at the same time it’s fun and hip so you’ll feel just as comfortable using it for your school assignments and even personal errands/tasks that you want to keep track of.

Chek | Tasks on a Timeline


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is beautiful, modern, and inviting
  • The app is highly user-friendly
  • Use this for keeping track of work, personal, and school tasks
  • Personalize the way your tasks appear
  • View your upcoming tasks in different ways
  • Share tasks with groups
  • You can sync your tasks with your Google Calendar
  • The app is free, doesn’t contain ads, and there are no in-app purchases required


  • The features and tools are basic so they may not fulfill everyone’s needs
  • There are limited tools available for customization

Chek This App Out

The Chek Tasks on a Timeline app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great solution for those who don’t need many bells and whistles, and instead want a way to track their tasks quickly and easily. The fact that this one is ready to be used the minute you sign in, and you don’t have to spend hours learning about it, is another huge bonus that help to make this one such a great option. Throw in the fact it’s free to use and you’ve got a real winner on your hands.

Chek | Tasks on a Timeline

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