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Wi-Fi SweetSpots app review: locate WiFi with ease-2021



Have you created a WiFi network in your home by using a wireless router? While these wireless routers are fantastic and can give you a signal all through your home, there are certain spots in the house that will end up being better than others. This is a wifi sweetspots app that helps you find the wi-fi sweetspots in your home. 

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It can mean the difference between getting a strong signal throughout each room, or suffering from dead zones where you can’t seem to connect no matter where you stand. 

It’s not just the initial set-up of your WiFi location either, this app proves to be quite interesting as you watch what your signal does over time. What starts as a strong location may not stay that way and it may be that you need to change things up again to find the wifi sweet spots. The app is able to  guide you through the process ensuring your home network is strong, reliable, and set up in the ideal wifi sweetspots.

Also this review includes information about latest updates of Wi-Fi Sweetspots app as some minor technical issues have been reported and consequently fixed by wi-fi sweetspots support team, as well as handy and convenient improvements to applications’ interface and performance quality added by developers make usage of this application ever more pleasant and beneficial. Also Spanish translations added.  See our best wi-fi apps list for comparable options. 

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Wi-Fi SweetSpots


Unlocking the Mystery to a Good Signal

Have you ever noticed that sitting in some rooms of your home provides faster or slower connection speeds? Here's the thing, you don't have to settle for this anymore.

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The Wi-Fi SweetSpots app has been developed to help take the mystery out of where to place your wireless router. The idea is that by finding the best location in your home to set it up, you won't suffer from fast and slow pockets.

Tired of internet video starting, stopping, and just generally not working? Don’t know where the bottleneck in your connection is?

"Don’t want to spend hours on the phone with your internet service provider trying to fix it," asks the developer, ASSIA-Inc. "Cloudcheck (Wi-Fi SweetSpots) is your personal customer service agent to help you diagnose and remedy your connectivity problems."

Connectivity issues are a common complaint among people and can be so frustrating that you give up even trying to figure it out.

"Our Wi-Fi Speed Scan feature helps you get rid of the pain associated with slow internet. Cloudcheck arms you with actionable information about your internet connection and provides recommendations to improve your experience without wasting hours on the phone with customer service/support.” Says ASSIA-Inc.

In case you’re wondering how reliable the app is: “Cloudcheck analyzes the connections within your Wi-Fi and broadband service provider network, using techniques that the world’s largest service providers trust,” says the developers. This means you have nothing to worry about, you know the information you’re getting is accurate.

Unlocking the Mystery to a Good Signal image

Find that Perfect Location

The Wi-Fi SweetSpots app uses a couple of different criteria when it's trying to figure out that perfect location for your wireless route. As it takes a look at your connection, and analyzes it, the app is taking a look at the stability of the connection, the lag or latency, and the link throughput both the downstream and upstream. Each of these factors shines a light on how good or bad of a location your router is in.

The app features a WiFi speed scan, which plays a pivotal role in locating a good location. It will show you where the slowest spot in your house is and the fastest so that you not only know the best location but also the worst.

Even if you aren’t using a wireless router but maybe a gaming system instead, you can still get all this information so you can set it up in an ideal location. This is the kind of information you may want to consider when also setting up media and theatre rooms in your home.

Even though the app is providing you with some pretty high-tech information, it's actually quite easy to use. There is no need to have any sort of tech background or prior knowledge. Just launch the app, tap on the "start" button and you'll see the speed test begin.

It's a good idea to walk around your home and test different areas of the house. You may find yourself pretty surprised at the results and just how much the speed fluctuates from room to room. Sometimes even within one room it fluctuates in a pretty big way.

As wifi sweetspots is capable of giving useful information about your wireless networks coverage condition since the very first usage, it is also designed to store all the received data, assign notes to every record, and compare results from different spots or same spot in different times for even more precise calibration of network performance with wifi sweetspots.

In trying the app myself, I was actually a little surprised at what came up as fast versus slow spots. In fact, I discovered that it would probably be beneficial to move my wireless router to a different location meanwhile I had thought it was well placed. I gotta say the audio counter was a pretty cool feature. You can turn this on or off, and when it’s on it will beep louder as you get closer and closer to those ideal spots.

Find that Perfect Location image

Wi-Fi SweetSpots


Pros and Cons


  • The app is very easy to use, no instructions are necessary
  • Launch the app, hit start, and you will instantly get results
  • You can turn on an audio counter which lets you know where the highest speeds are
  • The app can help you properly place your wireless router in the best location in your home
  • You can record data so you can go back and look at it and try to solve connectivity issues


  • The app is supported by ads

Pros and Cons image

A Sweet WiFi App

The Wi-Fi SweetSpots app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a simple tool that is easy to use and provides accurate and immediate results. This app can literally help you solve your connectivity issues in your home that you’ve been experiencing for who knows how long.

After just a couple of minutes of walking around your house with this app, you’ll suddenly discover where all the fastest and slowest connection points are in your space. Once you download this tool, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.

Wi-Fi SweetSpots

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