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Trainerfu app review: A powerful and comprehensive app for personal trainers and their clients-2021



We all have a desire to improve ourselves in one way or another and for a lot of us that means establishing and striving for personal fitness goals. Some people can do this on their own without much difficulty, but for others they need a little help like in the form of a personal trainer app.

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That’s where personal trainers step in to fill the gap. You would think with today’s mobile world there’d be an easy way for trainers to keep track of all their clients and offer them support, but unfortunately that’s largely not the case.

A couple of years ago a workout trainer app developer by the name of Monobal Jain decided to try and change that and that’s when he came up with the app for personal trainers that he called Trainerfu. It’s an app that’s been quite successful, because of the comprehensive set of tools it provides for the personal trainer and their clients.

The Trainerfu app helps thousands of personal trainers around the world train, engage and stay connected with their clients. Whether you’re running persional training programs like online bootcamps or offering one-on-one personal training, this app gives you the flexibility to scale your fitness business to new heights, while keeping your clients engaged and focused towards achieving their goals.

This is a free app, although the free version limits you to two clients. It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Start with an Interactive Demo

There are a lot of apps with introductory walk-through’s or slide shows, but very few of them go to the extent that this one does to help you learn how to use the app. This app actually goes through a step-by-step process which requires your own input so that you can try out each feature and learn how to use it. It’s an innovative idea that I think a lot of apps could benefit from.

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The app’s developer wanted to make this app as easy to use after hearing his own trainer’s frustrations with the existing tools for personal trainers at that time and this interactive demo really highlights that desire.

With all the innovations of trainerfu app. You will say goodbye to emails, spreadsheets or paperforms and save a lot of time. It is easy to use powerful personal training programme to create workout plans, track client progress, log assessments, share fitness tips, maintain fitness diary, and more.

Add, Monitor and Chat with Clients

Adding a client is a simple process – all you have to do is tap on the clients icon in the bottom menu and then tap on add client in the box that appears next. You’ll then be walked through the process step-by-step of adding your client including adding their personal information, creating workouts for them, and tracking their progress.

Once you have a client created, they’ll appear in the list under clients and you can always access their full profile by tapping on their profile.

If you want to quickly see at a glance what’s going on with your different clients the best place to do this is with the built in news feed. This allows you to see all of your clients at a glance and the activities they’ve been participating in. It actually turns your personal trainer app into a social media experience.

You even have the ability to comment on an individual client's feeds as well as like any comments they may have left. It’s a familiar social media experience that trainers and their clients will be very comfortable with.

This app is innovative for a lot of reasons, but one of them is because it allows you to interact with your clients in real time. There’s actually a chat feature built right into the app that will let you quickly send messages back and forth with your clients.

To access this feature you simply tap on the comment icon in their profile from your client list. This will bring up a message box and you can type your message and hit send. It’s a pretty straightforward process and one that most people will be very familiar with.



Create Workout Plans

Creating a workout plan for your client is also a very straightforward process with this app. Once again, you tap on the client section of the app, find your client, and tap on plan to get started.

On the plan page you’ll see highlighted any existing workout plans as well as the ability to add different workouts for each day of the week for your client. You can either create plans from scratch or you can copy an existing template that you already have in place.

You can add exercises to your client’s workout plans in one of two ways: either by choosing from the app's existing library of over 1000 different exercises with videos, or by adding your own. If you add your own exercises the app also lets you add videos by choosing them from YouTube. As is the case with all the other aspects of this app, this is a very straightforward process with very little learning curve.

Track and Assess Progress

Perhaps, the best part of this app is that you can quickly track your client's progress by pulling up their profile at any time. When they complete a workout and record it in the app, you’ll be able to see that and you can quickly send words of encouragement to keep them motivated.

Under each client’s profile you can add assessments to keep track of their progress. This is accessed through their client profile and includes things such as the ability to track their weight, their body fat, add physical photos, and make notes about the progression of their exercises. The app even lets you measure each individual body part separately and record that information.

A big part of getting in shape is eating the right things and a good personal trainer not only creates workout plans for their clients, but also keeps track of their diet and makes helpful suggestions for how they can improve it. This app also includes a meal log section in a client's profile that allows you to keep track of what they’re eating at each meal, as well as keeping track of the calories they’ve eaten for the day.

A Different App for Your Clients

Your clients can download the app as well, but of course it’s not quite the same app. Your clients will have access to an app that will motivate them, allow them to track their own progress, and they can also chat with their trainer in real time. There’s also a neat tracking feature on their main page which will show them the frequency of their workouts – it’s another great motivational tool.

Pros and Cons


  • The introductory walk-through is interactive
  • Provides the personal trainer with a news feed for quick access to clients information
  • Adding a client is simple
  • Includes chat feature for real-time conversations with clients
  • Easily tracks client’s achievements
  • Assess their progress
  • Keep track of what they eat
  • Create workout plans for clients using existing exercises or by adding your own
  • Also includes a client app


  • The free version is limited to two clients

Become a Better Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is only as effective as the tools at their disposal and Trainerfu is certainly a great tool to have available to you. This is a comprehensive app that not only lets you create workout plans for your clients and track their progress, but it also lets you communicate with them in real time. It’s packed full of features for the personal trainer and their clients and it’s definitely an app that I’d recommend.


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