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CareSync app review: quickly access, organize, and share your family’s health information



Making sure our family’s health information is well organized and available when needed can seem like a daunting task and in the past it meant keeping a file at home with all the relevant information. For most people, this meant a lot of last-minute scrambling when it was time for a medical visit. That type of pressure can add to an already stressful experience and often leads to people feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. We can’t avoid the rising cost of medical treatment, but fortunately these days we can do a lot better job of keeping track of our family’s health information and at least that’s one less thing to stress about.

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CareSync is an app that makes it a lot easier to keep track of all that health information in one secure place. There are other apps that serve a similar function, but this one is very simple and easy to use which is important as our family’s health care needs can be complicated enough without adding to that stress by using a complicated app. This is a free app although you can request records and health histories from within the app which will require payment. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

CareSync | All your family's health information in one secure place


Getting Started

The sign-up process for the app is simple and straightforward, you simply enter some basic information such as your name and email address and create a password. After that, the verification email is sent to your email address and all you have to do is click on the provided link and you’re ready to go.

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All of the app's main features are easily accessible from the main start page and on that page is where you’ll find a tab for accessing your care plan. Once you tap on this, you’ll be given the option to add scheduled appointments, add a care provider, set reminders to take your medications, track measurements such as blood pressure and heart rate, and you can even set healthcare goals. It’s a comprehensive set of features and each one includes simple instructions to get you started.

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Appointments and Timelines

Another way to access your appointments is by tapping on the actual appointment tab. Here you’ll see a quick snapshot of any upcoming appointments and you can also add an appointment within this section as well. The timeline feature is very useful as it allows you to see the appointments you have upcoming at a glance.

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CareSync | All your family's health information in one secure place


Adding Your Health Info

Perhaps, the most important section of the app is the health info section. Here you can add things such as your health providers, health conditions, medications, allergies, measurements, and any pertinent documents that you want to keep attached with your file. It’s all very simple and easy to use and again each feature walks you through the process. For features such as heart rate monitoring you can easily connect to other apps such as Fitbit to upload your information.

This level of integration is a handy feature and can really minimize the amount of time you spend entering information into the app. The advantage of having all of your health information securely located within this app is that you can easily send all vital information to a health care provider that needs it at the tap of a button – within any section you simply tap on the share tab in the top right corner to send information to your care provider.

Personal Information

The personal information section is just as straightforward as the other sections discussed above. Here you can enter things such as your address, your birthday, your blood type, ethnicity, and your health insurance provider. In many cases having this information available to quickly share with the healthcare provider can save you and them a lot of time so that you can get on with important matters such as treatment.

Private Messaging with Your Care Team

The private messaging is really meant as a feature to allow different family members to communicate healthcare information quickly to each other. This can be of particular importance if you have an elderly mother or father that lives some distance away that you want to help with their healthcare needs. They can simply message you with any updates to their healthcare situation and you can add this right within your own app. It’s very easy for misunderstandings to happen when it comes to healthcare information and this app really helps to take the guesswork out of things.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple sign-up process
  • Easily create healthcare plans and set healthcare goals
  • Keep track of appointments and important dates in your healthcare timeline
  • Keep track of all your healthcare info and your family’s healthcare info in one place
  • You can also store all relevant personal information in the app
  • All of the information can be shared at the tap of a button with a healthcare provider
  • Includes a private messaging feature for updates between family members


  • There are fees involved to request records or health history from professional care providers

Worry Free Healthcare Tracking

If you’ve spent years stressing over whether or not you’ll have the right information available when a healthcare crisis occurs, CareSync can potentially solve all of those problems. It will take a little time to enter all of your family’s relevant information into the app, but once you’ve made it through the process it will make keeping track of your healthcare information a lot easier. The app is straightforward to use and covers just about everything you can think of when it comes to healthcare information tracking.

CareSync | All your family's health information in one secure place

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