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Notabli app review 2021




Notabli by Notabli app for iPhone that helps parents capture and save as many special moments with your children as possible.

This app for capturing special moments also helps you to easily share these special moments with family and friends. It's about telling the story of your children through your very own lens.

After reading our Notabli app review, let us know if you think it's one of the best iPhone apps for parents.

Notabli - Family Album


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It should be noted that by default Notabli is private so you are assured that your kids’ moments are private and can only be seen by those you wish to invite. This safe zone allows parents and the people they have invited to view pictures and watch the story of their lives unfold. These pictures are kept on the cloud and are all owned by the parents, not Notabli. If you'd like, you can also share moments on Twitter and Facebook.

The memories you'll be able to capture include photos, videos, notable quotes, stories and audio. The app allows you remember all these great points in life in a creative and fun way.

Easy and fun to use, probably the finest point of Notabli is the privacy it offers. When posting your kid’s moments on Facebook the audience can be pretty large; whereas with Notabli, you’re able to keep these moments as private as you want.

I love that you can set this to be as private as you want. You can keep the photos and videos you take just for you to see, or you can share with whomever you want. I also appreciate that the photos belong to the user, not the app developers.

Notabli - Family Album


Notabli - Family Album

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